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Pavilion Resources, eBooks, and Reports

Resource Box Header The Sales Playbook to the RFP Process
The Sales Playbook to the RFP Process
We teamed up with Loopio to ask ten sales and proposal leaders for their secret plays on how to win more RFPs in a competitive bidding environment.
State of Sales Development 2022
State of Sales Development 2022
We teamed up with Operatix and Benchmark Research Partners to survey 230 sales leaders across North America, Europe, and Asia to understand the structure, strategy, performance, and plans of sales development teams today — and what that means for the future.
Revenue Team Alignment
How to Deliver an Unforgettable Customer Experience
We teamed up with Sendoso to interview top sales and marketing leaders on their strategies for alignment, shortening the deal cycle, and creating a memorable customer experience for all the right reasons.
Driving Pipeline Growth During “The Great Reset”
Today's economic climate — dubbed, “The Great Reset” — has spurned an evolution in business mindset and operations from the top down. The old tactics for finding and nurturing leads won’t work anymore, so companies have to adapt or get left behind.
October Pavilion Pulse Survey
Pavilion Pulse Benchmarking Survey — October 2022
September revenue was up, but respondents are still uncertain about the future. With layoffs, inflation, and a possible recession on the minds of revenue leaders, the feeling heading into the end of the year is one of trepidation. However, this month's data confirms the trends we've been seeing among those who are hitting targets.
Carabiner Group + Pavilion - RevOps Revolution: How Revenue Operations Can Transform Your Business
RevOps Revolution: How Revenue Operations Can Transform Your Business
As a startup, you might not have the budget to hire a full-time Head of RevOps, but you know it’s important to start early. So how can you start building out the function with the resources you have available? We teamed up with Carabiner Group to show you the road map.
Empowering CS as an engine for growth
Empowering Customer Success As An Engine for Growth
Customer success is not just about meeting your clients’ needs—it’s about identifying all the ways of potentially adding value for the customer and using that as an opportunity for growth.
September 2022 Pavilion Pulse Benchmarking Survey
Pavilion Pulse Benchmarking Survey — September 2022
Respondents shared some positive signs of revenue growth in August, but signals of a shaky market persist with increased layoffs.
Resource Box Header How to improve revenue operations with human-centered app experiences
How to improve revenue operations with human-centered app experiences
We teamed up with Skuid to learn how top RevOps leaders build apps and processes that align with the way their teams actually work.
Pavilion Pulse Benchmarking Report – August 2022
We surveyed 200 Pavilion Executive members on their company performance, outlook, and sentiment based on July 2022 results.
Resource Box Header The cure for pipeline anxiety
The cure for pipeline anxiety
In a world of slashed budgets, stalled deals, and increasing churn, you can still generate qualified pipeline on autopilot. We teamed up with UserGems to show you how.
Perfecting the employee experience
Perfecting the employee experience
Guider and Pavilion surveyed Pavilion members about why they join, stay, and leave a company — and what investments they hope their companies will make in the second half of 2022.
Quotapath - Pavilion - Compensation - Planning
Navigating Commissions and Compensation Planning in a Volatile Job Market
This year has been a year of extremes in the tech world. From talent shortages to recent lay-offs, it has been a precarious time for many in the labor market. Despite all of this volatility, something remains constant — the need for comprehensive compensation packages that exceed employee expectations.
July 2022 Pavilion Pulse Benchmarking Report
Pavilion Pulse Benchmarking Report – July 2022
Positive performance and sentiment increased from our last Executive member survey, however current market conditions have led our members to make tough decisions.
June 2022 - Pavilion Pulse Survey - Non-Member
Pavilion Pulse Benchmarking Report – June 2022
We surveyed our Executive members on their May 2022 performance, hiring, and recession planning.