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September 2022 Pavilion Pulse Benchmarking Survey
Pavilion Pulse Benchmarking Survey — September 2022
Respondents shared some positive signs of revenue growth in August, but signals of a shaky market persist with increased layoffs.
Pavilion Pulse Benchmarking Report – August 2022
We surveyed 200 Pavilion Executive members on their company performance, outlook, and sentiment based on July 2022 results.
Perfecting the employee experience
Perfecting the employee experience
Guider and Pavilion surveyed Pavilion members about why they join, stay, and leave a company — and what investments they hope their companies will make in the second half of 2022.
Quotapath - Pavilion - Compensation - Planning
Navigating Commissions and Compensation Planning in a Volatile Job Market
This year has been a year of extremes in the tech world. From talent shortages to recent lay-offs, it has been a precarious time for many in the labor market. Despite all of this volatility, something remains constant — the need for comprehensive compensation packages that exceed employee expectations.
July 2022 Pavilion Pulse Benchmarking Report
Pavilion Pulse Benchmarking Report – July 2022
Positive performance and sentiment increased from our last Executive member survey, however current market conditions have led our members to make tough decisions.
June 2022 - Pavilion Pulse Survey - Non-Member
Pavilion Pulse Benchmarking Report – June 2022
We surveyed our Executive members on their May 2022 performance, hiring, and recession planning.
Resource Box Header The Single Source of Truth Is Dead
The Single Source of Truth Is Dead
We teamed up with Syncari to interview five revenue leaders about their current data collection and analysis process, the challenges they face in aligning and sharing data, and embracing distributed truth.
2022 Pavilion Executive Compensation Report
2022 Pavilion Executive Compensation Report
We explore the trends of 2021 and what that means for executive compensation and negotiation as we move into an increasingly uncertain market in 2022. 
9 X-Factores of High-Performing Sales People
9 X-Factors of High-Performing Salespeople
The most effective sales reps are a different breed. They consistently crush their quota, fill their own pipeline, and share best practices with their fellow sellers. But are these reps blessed with natural selling instincts? Or can their routines be replicated? We teamed up with Dooly to interview some of today’s top sales leaders to learn the habits of high performers, and what’s holding reps back.
Gifting — the missing piece of ABM
Gifting — The Missing Piece of ABM
Picture this: Your team spends hours researching and crafting the perfect cold email—only for it to be ignored. Let’s introduce gifting. It’s the missing piece to any ABM strategy.
Rev Ops leaders on how to optimize sales execution with data
How to optimize sales execution with data-driven strategy & AI
We worked with RevenueGrid to interview five industry-leading Rev Ops experts to explore their approach to data-driven sales strategy. We asked how they use data and sales playbooks to guide their teams to success and optimize their sales execution.
State of Sales Hiring 2022
State of Sales Hiring Report 2022
What defines a great Account Executive, and how can fast-growing companies vet these traits in the interview process? We teamed up with BrightHire to survey sales leaders and identify trends in AE hiring and interview processes.
Modern Selling - Showpad and Pavilion
It’s Time to Rethink Sales: Build better experiences with Modern Selling
B2B buyers are savvier, more informed, and more time-constrained than ever. Two-thirds prefer self-service over speaking to a rep at all. In this e-book, we ask (and answer) a pressing question: How can you prepare your revenue teams for the new remote, buyer-centric reality?
State of Personalization
The State of Personalization: A New World of Scalability
Personalized messaging is the most effective way to engage and close deals with your most coveted target accounts. But marketing and sales teams are running into a key challenge — personalized content is not easy to scale.
State of Sales Development 2021 - Operatix
State of Sales Development 2021
Download the Sales Development Report 2021 below to gain expert insight into how the market has fared this year, including the perception of cold calling, major changes in trends and a peek into how other businesses handle their SDR teams.