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Pavilion University leverages a proprietary Immersive Learning Framework to fuse structured training with ongoing social learning and just-in-time resources that drive results.

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The Learning Principles that guide us

Learning is critical to achieving our potential. And achieving our potential is both within us and beyond us. We use evidence-based principles from the learning sciences to design experiences that work with the cognitive, emotional, and social needs of professional learners.

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Our programs are designed to work with the brain, helping you to understand, remember, and use knowledge and skills faster, longer, and better.

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Our programs also manage your heart by nurturing motivation, helpful mindsets, and positive feelings that help you persist and succeed.

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Our programs support you through community, creating spaces for interaction with peers and experts to reinforce and deepen learning over time.

The formula for real-life learning

Our proprietary Immersive Learning Framework makes it easier to integrate lessons and new skills into your everyday life, so you can achieve your professional potential.

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Designed by practicing professionals within the community to be relevant, up-to-date, and grounded in the real world.

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Successful practitioners from different walks of life provide lived experience and a diversity of perspectives.

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Drawn from the real-world stories and examples of our members.

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Tactical, applied, and designed to reinforce practical skills that drive real results on the job.

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Foster interaction with peers that build community and connections that last well beyond your last class.

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From self-paced content to virtual live sessions to in-person conferences, flexibility and choice are crucial in learning.

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Enables you to connect when you want and integrate learning seamlessly into your life.

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Staffed with dedicated learning and development specialists to create highly effective, engaging, and equitable experiences.

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