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Pavilion University – Course Catalog

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Zero in on meaningful professional development through valuable learning opportunities that help you level-up your career and your organization. We offer our members a variety of courses and programs designed to provide the resources and tools needed to strategically accomplish your personal and professional goals.

Marketing School

During this 12-week comprehensive program, you will learn from industry leaders of multiple disciplines how to improve your skills as a marketer, a manager, and an ethical leader. You’ll spend time examining the “pillar” disciplines of marketing and the core tenets of sales. Then you’ll learn how to use those fundamentals to become a better marketer, and a better leader while determining whether being an executive is your ultimate path.

Program starts: February 16, 2022

Applications due: January 26, 2022

Designed for Associate and Analyst Members on an Annual Plan

Sales School

To be a top performing salesperson in today’s economy, there are fundamental skills you need to master, outside of your company’s product training. This intensive, 12-week course teaches students all elements of running an effective sales cycle from prospecting to close. Learn from the world’s best go-to-market leaders in live sessions followed by weekly cohorts with your peers. Cohort sessions include role plays, exercises, and discussions about success stories and lost deals.

Course starts: March 10, 2022

Applications due: February 28, 2022

Designed for Associates and Analysts. 

Intro To RevOps Course

Revenue Operations aligns and optimizes every stage of the customer lifecycle, including marketing, sales and customer success. Over four weeks, participants will work closely with high-growth industry leaders to understand and gain insight into each of these core functions. Such functions include leading GTM strategy and planning, marketing and sales alignment, building a GTM/RevOps Playbook, defining KPIs and metrics that matter.

Program starts: March 15, 2022

Applications due: February 28, 2022

Designed for ALL Pavilion Members

Revenue Growth Architecture School

In a modern recurring revenue business, it is impossible to scale without treating growth as a science. This course teaches how to architect your revenue in order to achieve sustainable growth. In each session, Jacco will explain the fundamental principles of recurring revenue, the specific frameworks you can use across all revenue functions (Sales, Marketing, CS, Account Management), and how to apply them to your business.

Program starts: February 7, 2022

CCO School

All too often, the leader of the Customer Success team in a company does not have a “seat at the revenue table.” During this 11-week course, you will learn strategies, tactics, and novel approaches to help you gain and keep your seat at the revenue table in the ever evolving and important role of the Chief Customer Officer. Completing this course will help you learn and develop your skills so you can build lasting relationships with your peers, gain more executive influence and lead your team to greater success.

Applications closed for Fall 2021. Stay tuned for the next session. 

Designed for Executive and Associate members on an annual plan.

Excel for Business Bootcamp

Excel for Business Bootcamp is a three-week course designed to help professionals unlock the power of Excel. In the first week, you’ll work hands-on in Excel learning powerful tools like conditional formatting for color-coding and advanced formulas that summarize information. In week two, you’ll learn more about how to create insights from real-world data by creating and manipulating PivotTables to reveal hidden details. By the end of the bootcamp, you’ll be able to confidently navigate the most commonly used features of Excel.

Applications closed for Fall 2021. Stay tuned for the next session. 

Designed for all members

Advanced RevOps School

Designed to offer strategic perspectives and learnings for those looking to make their professional transition into a VP role. In this 6-week intensive course, RevOps school will provide you with actionable insights into the core functions of a RevOps leader. Such functions include building a successful forecasting model, driving outcomes, developing a cadence, and hiring top RevOps talent.

Applications closed for Fall 2021. Stay tuned for the next session in Spring 2022. 

Designed for Members at all levels with prior RevOps experience.

Frontline Sales Manager School

Grow into the leader you’ve always wanted to be with this comprehensive course focusing on key management skills and effective sales leadership strategies. Designed to teach members the core foundations of a successful manager, this 12-week course will provide guidance on hiring and managing your first sales team, understanding metrics, building a healthy culture, and more principles to enhance your leadership skills.

Program starts: January 11, 2022

Applications due: December 20, 2021 – Now closed

Designed for Associates with an Annual Membership. 

Rising Executives School

Working with industry-leading experts, you will use learnings from private group lessons, facilitated cohort sessions, and additional resources to prepare for the next step in your career. This 6-month comprehensive course will allow you to gain the perspective you need to critically evaluate opportunities, negotiate your contract, and get a seat at the Executive table.

Program starts: January 12, 2022

Applications due: December 17, 2021 – Now Closed

Designed for Associate Members. This course has a fee.

CRO School

The path to a C-Suite position can be a long and winding one but there are skills, perspectives, and experiences you can gain that will give you the expertise and confidence needed to claim your seat at the Executive Table. This 12-week comprehensive course will help you learn and develop these skills, so you are able to seamlessly level-up to a C-Suite position and take the next aspirational step in your career.

Course starts: January 13, 2022

Applications due: December 17, 2021 – Now Closed

Designed for Executives with an Annual Membership.

Cold Emailing Course

As a proven method to increasing sales leads and expanding business networks, cold emailing is a powerful tool for any sales, marketing or revenue professional to have in their arsenal. Over four weeks, participants will master successful cold email practices, including compelling subject lines, relevant personalization, effective calls to action, and more to help your pitch stand out in a flooded inbox.

Applications closed for Spring 2022. Stay tuned for the next session. 


Sales Development School

Arguably one of the toughest jobs in sales – the role of the Sales Development Rep. This course is designed by salespeople for SDRs and will be hosted by industry leaders who are crushing their numbers and having some fun along the way. Over 12 weeks both new and existing reps will be equipped with the mindset, skills, and methodologies to excel in the role. With the addition of weekly peer-cohort discussions, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded SDRs who are looking to push their career forward, faster.

Applications closed for Spring 2022. Stay tuned for the next session. 

Storytelling for Sales 101 Course

When you’re selling a product, service, idea, or vision you’re not only a salesperson, you’re also a speaker and, most importantly, a storyteller. In order to succeed, you need to learn how to cut through the noise, become memorable and effectively communicate your value with impact. Throughout this course, you’ll learn how to craft stories that sell so you can captivate your customers, build trust and win more revenue without competing on price.

Applications closed for Spring 2022. Stay tuned for the next session. 

Enterprise GTM School

Designed to offer strategic perspectives and learnings for those looking to strategize, build, and execute effective Enterprise GTM strategies. In this 12-week course, you will learn the core elements of a successful Enterprise GTM plan, so you can lead your teams to success. We’ll dive deep into pricing, forecasting, building your team, contracts, and more.

Applications closed for Spring 2022. Stay tuned for the next session. 

CMO School

From brand to demand, the CMO helps inform everything from go-to-market to long-term growth strategies – arguably one of the most critical functions on the executive team. During this 12-week comprehensive program, you will learn from some of the top CMO’s in the country to discuss strategies, tactics, and novel approaches to help you strengthen all of the dimensions needed in the ever-evolving role of Chief Marketing Officer. This includes how to: build a world-class team, budgeting, scaling, attribution, operations, demand gen and forecasting, brand building, and much more.

Applications closed for Winter-Spring 2022. Stay tuned for the next session.