Community is at our core

Fuel your future with connections and expertise from an international community of members from the world’s fastest-growing companies.


10,000+ global members

We have thousands of members worldwide with expertise and knowledge to draw from, but we know nothing beats a local community of your peers.


Private peer groups

Safe spaces for problem-solving and making meaningful connections with functional and cross-functional peers, led by a trained and experienced moderator.


Elevated Executive Events

Meet face-to-face with Executive peers during our yearly Functional Summits, and weekly salon dinners throughout North America, the UK, EMEA, and APAC.



Your Pavilion chapter is your membership's “home base.” While there’s plenty of opportunities to connect with members across the globe, face-to-face time with local go-to-market peers is vital. Chapters offer that distinct local touch, connecting you with peers "in your own backyard." We understand the regional pride Pavilion members have and the unity it brings. In your chapter, meet members from your area, attend regular in-person gatherings, and tackle region-specific challenges. Experienced chapter heads lead each chapter, supported by steering committees in larger chapters.

Current chapters

We have five chapter tiers based on memberships in a designated geographic area. We use these tiers to set chapter budgets, remunerate chapter Heads, fund committee member discounts, and maintain the Pavilion experience. Growing from one tier to the next (ie, from Tier 2 to Tier 1) unlocks additional support from HQ and increases the frequency of chapter Reviews.

Flagship chapter locations

New York, NY

San Francisco, CA

United Kingdom

Additional chapters in the following cities

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Atlanta, GA
Austin, TX
Barcelona, Spain
Berlin, Germany
Boston, MA
Charlotte, NC*
Chicago, IL
Copenhagen, Denmark
Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Denver, CO
Houston, TX*
Indianapolis, IN
Kansas City, MO
Los Angeles, CA
Melbourne, Australia
Miami / South Florida*
Middle East

Minneapolis, MN
Montreal, Canada
Munich, Germany
Nashville, TN*
Orlando, FL
Oslo, Norway
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ*
Portland, OR*
Raleigh-Durham, NC

Salt Lake City, UT*
San Diego, CA*
Seattle, WA
Sydney, Australia
Tampa, FL*
Toronto, ON
Vancouver, BC*
Washington DC

Emerging chapters

Pavilion has established chapters in over 40 global cities. As our membership grows, so does the likelihood that new locations will emerge as central hubs for Pavilion members. An “emerging chapter” is a location that does not yet have an official chapter, but is quickly growing and has the potential to become a recognized Pavilion chapter should the minimum number of members be met.

If you are interested in supporting an emerging chapter in your area, the following criteria must be met:


Become a chapter head

Pavilion Chapter Heads act as prominent representatives of and for their local chapter communities. They are responsible for overseeing and supporting their Members throughout their tenure in a variety of ways.

As a Chapter Head, you will:

Interested in becoming a chapter head?

Executive members: First, read the full description of roles and responsibilities here.

Associate members: If you're interested in getting involved and becoming an Associate Chapter Lead, complete this application to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

CEO Sam Jacobs shared this news at our ELEVATE: Community virtual event on August 10th during his opening remarks.

The formal re-launch of Chapters will happen at our flagship conference, GTM2023 (register here with 20% off coupon)

To ensure a smooth rollout of each chapter, we'll be launching Chapters in phases through the remainder of 2023.

August 10: Announcement shared with all members at ELEVATE: Community

August 24: Applications opened to get involved with your Chapter. 

September: Final Core Group Meetings and a deep dive into London Chapter pilot

October: Begin official rollout of Chapters at GTM2023

October - Q1 2024: Slow, steady rollout of Chapters

Contact Chapter Heads for:

  • Intros to other chapter members
  • Information about upcoming chapter events
Contact Pavilion HQ for:

See this page for information on Chapters, Chapter Head responsibilities, and a link to apply!

While we’re still finalizing Chapter roles, as a general rule, larger Chapters will have larger steering committees. For example, our UK chapter which we’re piloting now has steering committee positions for events and sponsorships, and individuals to head up a women’s group, marketing, CS, RevOps, and more. These positions will likely vary depending on individual Chapter needs.

As stated above, we will have a staggered rollout of Chapters throughout the remainder of 2023. While we don’t have final dates yet, we’re beginning with our larger Chapters to meet as many member needs as early as possible. We’ll begin with Flagship cities of London, San Francisco, and New York, then Boston, Denver, and Toronto, and then Atlanta, Austin, and Washington, DC.

You belong to the Chapter that is closest to where you live, geographically, from the list of Pavilion Chapter cities. If you determine that your Chapter is not correct for any reason, you can move Chapters. You may also belong to more than one Chapter if you spend an equal amount of time in several cities; however, you must choose one as your primary Chapter.

One of the lessons we learned from Core Groups is that our members prefer a space to interact with their fellow executives, so we are keeping Chapters executive-only. Associate members can be found in City channels.

We will establish executive-only Chapter channels for your Chapter using the naming convention [chapter_city code]. We will also keep our city channels [city_city code], with both executive and non-executive members. Note: city codes may be airport codes or abbreviations of cities such as LDN (London), CHI (Chicago), or NYC (New York City).

Functional Groups and Functional Group Envoys are not impacted by this shift. We will still maintain our Functional Groups within the Pavilion Executive membership.

Chapters were Pavilion’s original approach to small, local peer groups, that included both executives and non-executives. We received customer feedback throughout 2021 and 2022 that Chapter experiences varied greatly among regions and cities, and that executives preferred to be in groups with other members at their level. In 2022, we moved to Core Groups, which were groups of roughly 150 members (based on Dunbar’s number, the theory that humans can comfortably maintain 150 meaningful relationships) that were loosely based on geographic area, included only executives, provided the opportunity for cross-functional collaboration, were focused on virtual rather than in-person gatherings, and which were named after original Pavilion members. Given the feedback received from members in early 2022, we made the decision to move back to the Chapter model, this time with a revamped approach you can read about here.

We will be closing the Core Group Slack channels and ensuring that you are a member of both your city and chapter channel.

Core Groups are not 1:1 with Chapters, as many Core Groups are made up of members from multiple regions/locations. There will certainly be some overlap, but your assigned Chapter will not be a carbon copy of your Core Group.

Not necessarily. The Chapter Head role is significantly different from the Core Group Leader role. Because of this, we are launching an application process for Chapter Heads and other Chapter leadership roles. whereas a CG Envoy was purely focused on maintaining digital relationships in smaller groups, CHs are responsible for overseeing the holistic community within Pavilion that is tied to a geographic region. This includes live/virtual events planning, creating connections and setting/maintaining the culture of the Chapter. For more information on what the Chapter Head role entails, see this page.

Apply to get involved

Once you’ve read and understand the role of an Executive Chapter Head, it’s time to submit your application!