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Pavilion’s Partner Co-Selling for Sales Leaders course paves the way for innovative B2B sales strategies, equipping sales leaders with essential tools to navigate an ever-evolving sales environment where traditional direct selling methods are no longer as successful. When comparing the number of touches per opportunity sourced for cold outbound five years ago, it ranged from 200 to 400. Today, it requires 1,000 to 1,400 touches per opportunity. (Jeremy Donovan, Insight Partners' EVP of RevOps & Strategy)

This course dives into the practicalities of B2B co-selling, introducing sales leaders to a scalable, end-to-end process that can be seamlessly integrated across Sales, Partnerships, Marketing, RevOps, and Customer Success departments. No matter the scale or type of your co-selling partnerships, this course has been designed to guide you through building, deploying, and scaling an effective B2B co-selling program. 

By the end of the course, you will possess a comprehensive understanding of how to implement co-selling within 2-6 weeks with the strategies and tactics taught. Additionally, you will have buillt a well-defined roadmap, empowering you to effectively communicate and collaborate with partners on how to bring your sales co-selling vision to life.

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