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Earn $250* when your Executive level referral joins
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Frequently Asked Questions

When you refer a peer by sharing your referral link, receive $250 via PayPal when an Executive Referral joins or $50 when an Associate joins.

You will receive an email from Paypal with the subject line “Your Referral Reward from Pavilion”. The email will go to the address you shared on your application.

If you do not redeem the reward in 30 days, the payment will be reissued to Pavilion.

No worries, PayPal will prompt you to create an account and you can then redeem your referral reward.

You will need to add an additional email to your existing PayPal account to redeem your reward. Learn how here.

Yes, you can. Note that the referral reward is given in USD and if you live outside of the US, you will need to first convert the referral reward to your local currency. There is a fee associated with converting currencies. Read more here.

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