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Our founder and CEO Sam Jacobs believed this so strongly, he began meeting regularly with high-growth executives to bond over shared values and strategies.

We’ve been taught that business is cutthroat — but it doesn’t have to be. Pavilion is proof that building a business on foundational values, centering reciprocity, and coming from kindness works. Our CEO even wrote a book on this, called Kind Folks Finish First.

The building blocks of our business

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Members First

We work backwards from the Members’ collective success. That’s our first question. We don’t solve for internal politics or what’s easier for us. We solve first and foremost for our Members by listening with careful observation and empathy to trends and data. We go to great lengths to help our Members – including being responsive in off-hours and going above and beyond - because we believe and know that through helping others we will help ourselves in ways that will be far greater and more impactful - to ourselves, to each other, to the company, and to the world - than we ever imagined. We believe in the power of meaningful human connection and driving those connections through efficient systems. To help them is to increase all of our abundance.

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We deliver X+Y

We believe that curiosity is the fuel that drives innovation, but first we must stop and ask ourselves “Why are we doing this?” so that we can anticipate and solve for way more than the bare minimum (X+Y). We take pride in finding efficient and effective approaches to mitigate challenges by leveraging our own teammates, expertise, creativity, and commitment to excellence. We move outside our comfort zone. We pick up the phone and ask questions. We get our hands dirty. We stop to think and then take action to deliver value over and beyond what was asked to drive the business forward and help the Community thrive with maximum impact. We deliver X+Y.

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Results matter

We are focused on achieving our company goals. That includes a sense of personal responsibility for our performance and outcomes. If we’re reporting on a number, we are accountable for that number. If we set a goal, we commit to reaching that goal. We proactively communicate along the way. We don’t hide. We understand that we can’t deliver on our promise to the Community and to each other if goals don’t matter, if results don’t matter, and we aren’t doing everything we can to help the company grow. We want to look to our left and to our right, even if virtually, and trust that everyone on the Pavilion team is working toward a company goal and committed to holding up their end of the bargain to the benefit of the entire team.

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We choose to come from kindness

Kindness begets more kindness. Every action we take comes from a place of empathy and compassion. We believe that in order to truly show kindness to another person, we must understand their unique background and orientation to the world. We are on a journey, learning how to help all types of people feel expected and respected at Pavilion. We appreciate all perspectives, because diversity strengthens us. We try to pass along the legacy of kindness in every interaction, even (and especially) when delivering bad news or constructive criticism. Kind is not the same as “nice.” Kind is clear. We are honest and direct but we don’t use that as an excuse to be a jerk. The world is better when people are kind.

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Listen closely, act quickly

Our Members will tell us what we need to build if we listen. This means careful observation and empathy, listening more than we talk, and moving quickly to execute ideas. The modern world requires rapid iteration and tolerates a lower degree of perfection in favor of speed and responsiveness. We know this and use it to our advantage.

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