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Core & Functional Groups: Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve heard from members that the Executive Member experience can be overwhelming – there’s a lot of content, a lot of events, and a lot of offerings to make sense of. We understand that more isn’t always better and are shifting towards a simplified, “less is more” experience. By streamlining the Executive member experience, we will be able to ensure that every interaction you have with Pavilion is incredibly valuable. As of December 1, 2022, the three pillars of the Pavilion Executive Member experience will be – Pavilion University, private Core and Functional Groups, and in-person events.

We know that connecting with and learning from peers is one of the things that makes Pavilion so special. Core and Functional Groups will enable these connections in a carefully curated and expertly moderated way.

Core Groups are the evolution of Pavilion Chapters. Each Core Group includes 100-150 Executive Members who are from the same city or regional area. Core Groups are cross-functional, meaning the members in each group will include sales, marketing, RevOps, customer success, and finance Executives. Core Groups are confidential and dependable spaces for Executives to share best practices, strategize, and problem-solve together. Each group is led by a trained team of Envoys, who will moderate conversations, led topical monthly virtual meetings, and ensure every Core Group member is finding value in their experience.

Functional Groups are where Executives go to have deeper conversations among their Functional (sales, marketing, RevOps, customer success, finance, consulting/advisor) peers. These groups are not limited in number or by region.  Both groups will hold Monthly virtual meetings and workshops and allow for 24/7 Q&A among cross-functional peers.

We’ve introduced a new role called Envoys. You can read more about Envoys here, but the general idea is for each Core and Functional Group to have a dedicated leadership team that will moderate respective Slack channels and lead monthly virtual meetings. Envoys have undergone an in-depth interview process and robust training to ensure that their leadership is as effective and valuable as possible. We will be regularly checking in with members to get feedback on their Envoy leadership team.

Outside of your Core and Functional Groups, the two best places for you to meet and learn from other Pavilion Executives will be through Pavilion University and in-person events. Enroll in one of our 50+ Pavilion University offerings in 2023 or register for an upcoming event in your city.

Yes, Executive members who wish to join multiple Functional groups will be able to. Please contact to be added to an additional Functional Group.

Our goal with this initiative is to reduce as much Slack noise as possible to simplify and streamline the Executive member experience. Our Chapter channels will become #city_[cityname] (ex: #city_nyc). This will allow members who are traveling to connect or ask specific regional questions if they don’t belong to a Core Group from that region. We plan to sunset most topical channels by December 31, 2022, but will keep DEI channels (ex: #dei_women_of_pavilion). Private functional channels (ex: #cro, #cmo) are where we’ll migrate members for their new “Functional Group Channels”). Pavilion University Slack channels will remain as they are.

While we are centering the Associate level member experience on our Pavilion University offerings, these members will still have access to peer groups through city Slack channels, a new and updated Member Directory coming in 2023, and our Guru knowledge resources. 

We anticipate that changes like these will happen for our members, and are here to help! Contact to alert us of a region or job change so we can help you get reassigned to the appropriate group(s).

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