How Carabiner Group increased pipeline 30% with Pavilion

When Cliff Simon of Carabiner Group  -- the world’s first platform-agnostic RevOps agency -- first joined Pavilion almost three years ago, the foundation was laid for a one-of-a-kind partnership. Through his own involvement as a member and Carabiner Group's eventual sponsorship of Pavilion, the two companies have enjoyed exponential growth - all through the power of community.

Read on to hear about how Cliff's involvement as a member led to amazing results for both organizations. 

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How it started

When Cliff Simon joined Pavilion (then Revenue Collective) in late 2020, he was on the hunt for both his next VP of Sales role and the playbooks and templates to succeed in that role. He not only found that through Pavilion; in the three years since he joined, his company Carabiner Group has seen exponential growth come from active engagement in communities — with Pavilion leading the way. 

Carabiner Group has become a major sponsor of Pavilion events and a partner in almost all aspects of the community — but the relationship goes much deeper. Cliff and Carabiner Group CEO Seamus Ruiz-Earle believe passionately in the tenets of doing business that are championed by Pavilion CEO Sam Jacobs in his book Kind Folks Finish First: The Considerate Path to Success in Business and Life.


“Show up, lead with empathy, be persistent, don’t be a jerk, and treat others with kindness. Take the time to actually meet people; be active on Slack or wherever you feel comfortable, join courses. Come to events where you can meet your peers.”

- Cliff Simon | CRO, Carabiner Group

Building community

Cliff and Carabiner Group quickly saw ROI through his efforts. After taking a course on Revenue Architecture, the Carabiner Group team switched all of the company’s positioning and messaging to focus on “RevOps as a Service” and invested heavily in deepening their engagement with the Pavilion community. How'd they do this? Cliff didn’t let the responsibilities of a brand new job hold him back from community participation, and throughout 2020, his involvement included:


40 to 60 Zoom calls per week and regular attendance at Pavilion’s executive-only Salon dinners.


Founding the Pavilion New Jersey chapter and becoming Chapter Head (member leaders in their regions/cities).


Taking five Pavilion University courses throughout 2021, attending in-person events, and actively participating in community discussions.


“I was the number one most active person in Pavilion’s Executive Slack throughout 2021. I averaged 83 meetings a month, which eventually led to Carabiner Group doing 7 figures in sales our first year. 28% of that logo acquisition can be directly attributed to our involvement and participation in the Pavilion community.”

- Cliff Simon | CRO, Carabiner Group

Five "rules" / big takeaways

A road to success

The formula that Carabiner Group has uncovered in their partnership with Pavilion, though not easy, is simple, and applies beyond professional partnerships into the realm of human relationships: the good and the help you put into the world will come back to you, many-fold. 

As Cliff states, “The best way to get something out of Pavilion is to be in the community,  meeting people - whether you do that virtually, or in person. Attend events where you can actually meet your peers in person and start building relationships - that’s the foundational key piece that you must do with empathy. Don't try to sell people; just build authentic relationships and then let that take its course.”

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