CS Segmentation & Personalization Strategies

Function: Customer Success


In today's competitive business landscape, Customer Success teams play a pivotal role in driving revenue retention and growth. To empower customer success professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to excel, we present our mini-course on "Customized Customer Segmentation and Personalization Strategies." In this course, you will discover the power of Layton Chaney's custom tiering methods and innovative customer segmentation techniques to transform your customer success efforts.

Designer Bio

Layton Chaney is a thought leader and pioneer in the customer experience space. For over two decades, he has successfully grown and scaled companies while ensuring customers stay at the heart of the business and the focus of every step of the Customer Journey. As the founder and Chief Experience Officer of has consulting firm, BetterGrowth, they have coached start-up founders, Fortune 50-500 companies, and C-level executives on how to leverage the voice of the customer to increase their brand awareness and ROI.

He is also a fierce advocate for diversity in tech and have helped companies build their diversity, equity, and inclusion framework, recruiting practices, and training programs for underrepresented populations, especially within the intersections of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Who Should Take

Customer Success executives who are looking to leverage customer tiering and segmentation methods to transform their customer experience

Results to Expect

You'll gain insights into Layton Chaney's proven methods for customer segmentation, learn how to create customized customer tiers for maximum impact, discover strategies to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and elevate your customer success team's role in revenue generation.

Homework, Assignments, or Expectations


Attendance Requirements

Yes, 100% attendance is required. We recommend that participants attend the live sessions for the optimal learning experience. However, watching session recordings count toward attendance for those who have scheduling conflicts or are in time zones where live attendance is a challenge.


Module 1: Introduction to Customized Customer Segmentation

  • Understanding the importance of segmentation.
  • Layton Chaney's approach to custom tiering.

Module 2: Customer Segmentation Techniques

  • Exploring advanced segmentation methods.
  • Implementing segmentation effectively.

Module 3: Personalization Strategies for Customer Success

  • Real-world examples of organizations benefiting from Layton Chaney's methods.

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