Sales Development School

January 24 – April 11, 2022 | Virtual

Mondays 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET plus weekly cohorts

$600 course tuition

For Associate and Analyst members

About the Course

Arguably one of the toughest jobs in sales – the role of the Sales Development Rep. This course is designed by salespeople for SDRs and will be hosted by industry leaders who are crushing their numbers and having some fun along the way. Over 12 weeks, both new and existing reps will be equipped with the mindset, skills, and methodologies to excel in the role.

With the addition of weekly peer-cohort discussions, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded SDRs who are looking to push their career forward, faster.

Course Curriculum

Learn strategies, processes and tactics from industry leading experts.

Foundations of a Winning Mindset

Understanding the difference between a fixed and growth aspect, plus what ‘winning’ actually is.

Values in Sales

Understanding why values matter in sales, plus how they drive goals and behaviors..

Goals & Habits

Understand the difference between systems and habits, how to form good habits, and setting effective SMART goals.

What it means to be a successful SDR

Understand how different successful SDRs have leveraged their strengths and the impact they can have on an organization.

SDR Toolkit - Value Propositions, USP, ICP & Persona

 Understand the importance of storytelling, how to construct your ICP & Persona, plus understand buyer motivations.

Prospecting and Research

Understand how to use a persona & ICP to build a pipeline, conduct effective research on prospects, and tools to leverage for both.


Understand the importance of an effective copywriting strategy for email outreach, including personalization and streamlined processes.

Following Up

Understand the importance of a good follow up strategy, how to plan them, and leveraging sequences.

Social Selling

Understand the power of a personal brand and leveraging social selling.

Cold Calling: Part 1 (Call Structure + Role Plays)

Understand structure of a cold-call and putting together a conversation template.

Cold Calling: Part 2 (Objection Handling)

Understand the psychology and categories of objection handling, how to practice objection handling and why cold-calling is still effective.

The Funnel + Metrics + Conversion Rates

Understand how to measure and analyze your metrics and where you fit into the sales pipeline.

Course Designer – Greg Meehan

Greg Meehan brings 13+ years of Sales and leadership expertise, holding roles as BDM Team Lead, Head of Sales, and currently Chief Revenue Officer at Supahands. Greg found his passion in selling in 2008 and fell in love with the thrill of finding potential clients, understanding their challenges, giving them a great experience, and watching them grow. He believes in hard work, pride, progress, and accountability — lessons he plans to bring to SDR Acceleration School.

Featured Lecturers

Nikki Ivey

Director of Sales

Juinn Tan

Head of Demand Generation

Tom Boston

Social Sales Evangelist

Frequently Asked Questions

When will this course take place?

Sales Development School will occur weekly on Mondays from 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET starting January 24th through April 11th, 2022.

Is this course for Members only?

Yes, you must be an Associate or Analyst Member. If you’re not a Member, apply here.

Who should apply for this course?

Individual Contributors looking to advance their career in Sales Development.

When are applications due?

Applications will open early spring 2022.

Is attendance mandatory?

Yes, at least 90% attendance is mandatory and expected for all sessions.

Will course sessions be recorded?

Yes, all course sessions will be recorded and shared.

What does the course cost?

$600 with opportunities for scholarships available .

What will I receive for course completion?

After successful completion of course, you will receive a certificate of completion for this course.

What if I'm not a member?

You must be a member to participate. Apply now to become a member.

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