9 X-Factors of High-Performing Salespeople

An exclusive sales performance study

High-performing sales reps are a different breed. They consistently crush their quota, fill their own pipeline, and share best practices with their fellow sellers.

But are these reps blessed with natural selling instincts? Or can their routines be replicated?

We teamed up with Dooly to interview some of today’s top sales leaders to learn the habits of high performers, and what’s holding reps back.

While every rep has different strengths and weaknesses, the most effective sellers have a solid mix of strategic skills and soft skills. Our interviewees shared what they think is needed to go the extra mile and crush your quota.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Top salespeople empathize with customers
  • They value and embody grit, and a figure-it-out attitude
  • They manage their time well


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9 X-Factores of High-Performing Sales People

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