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Partner Co-Selling Certified Sales Leader

Pavilion’s Partner Co-Selling for Sales Leaders course paves the way for innovative B2B sales strategies, equipping sales leaders with essential tools to navigate an ever-evolving sales environment where traditional direct selling methods are becoming less effective. Five years ago, the number of touches needed per opportunity for cold outbound ranged from 200 to 400. Today, that number has skyrocketed to 1,000 to 1,400 touches per opportunity (Jeremy Donovan, Insight Partners' EVP of RevOps & Strategy).

This course delves into the practicalities of B2B co-selling, offering a scalable, end-to-end process that integrates seamlessly across Sales, Partnerships, Marketing, RevOps, and Customer Success departments. Regardless of the scale or type of your co-selling partnerships, this course is designed to guide you through building, deploying, and scaling an effective B2B co-selling program.

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Alex Buckles - Partner Co-Selling Certified Sales Leader

Alex Buckles, Instructor

Alex Buckles is one of the Co-Founders of Forecastable, a tech-enabled services organization that helps B2B companies stand up and execute tightly-aligned partner co-selling programs from ideation to field sales enablement.

He’s been in enterprise revenue roles for nearly two decades and has founded multiple startups with partner-centric go-to-market motions right out of the gate. 

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Course curriculum

This course is recommended for sales leaders from B2B companies with tech or services partners (in place or aspirational).

Session 1:
Co-selling 101


This session introduces the problem that co-selling addresses in B2B, provides a formal definition of co-selling, and previews the upcoming sessions to ensure you're well prepared.


Key topics:

  • What is co-selling?
  • The complexities of co-selling
  • The current state of co-sell execution.

Session 2:
Co-Sell Planning & Preparation


Dive deep into co-sell planning and preparation. Random acts of co-selling lead to poor win-rates, longer cycles, and lower deal size. It’s not just about selecting the right partners and the right co-sell scenarios to focus on either. It’s about enabling your sales team to execute co-sell motions with absolute precision while not adding unnecessary administrative burden. 


Key topics:

  • Partnering with purpose
  • The co-sell scenario planning matrix
  • Co-sell execution through the lens of sales enablement

Session 3:
Co-Sell Enablement and Education


This session will focus on enabling the field to co-sell with absolute precision. This entails getting everyone to stop looking at the deal solely through the lens of their individual sale, and instead through the lens of the entire group of co-selling partners winning as a unified front. 


Key topics:

  • Joint opportunity qualification,
  • Co-sell playbooks, and
  • Co-sell plans

Session 4:
Co-Sell Roles, Ops, and Scale


In this session, Alex will focus on co-sell roles, ops, and scale. There’s a lot to manage across multiple departments internally and multiple partners externally. In this session, you’ll get tactical with best practices around managing all of those complexities.


Key topics:

  • The partner SDR and BDR
  • The co-cell alignment specialist,
  • Co-selling communication best practices
  • Partner mapping and planning.

Expected Results

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Create effective co-selling strategies with partners
  • Confidently navigate internal conversations
  • Promote co-selling across departments to drive closed/won business predictably
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