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Gifting — The Missing Piece of ABM

Give more. Get more.

The digital landscape is getting crowded and marketers are looking for creative ways to reach customers. To rise above the digital noise, you need to connect with your audience in a new, personal way.

Enter gifting — the missing piece to any ABM strategy.

We teamed up with Sendoso to explore:
  • The key ingredients of a successful ABM campaign
  • How to use personalization to connect with target accounts
  • What gifting can do to increase ROI


We interviewed top sales and marketing leaders about the ABM strategies that work, and those that don’t. Gifting could be the key to creating the personalized, ABM strategy your customers are looking for. In fact, we found that:

  • 88% said their engagement strategy has taken a more B2H approach
  • 80% agreed that target audiences are fatigued by increased virtual engagement efforts
  • 90% agreed that building a personal or human connection with their buyers and customers has become more important to closing sales in the last couple of years


Download our ebook Gifting — The Missing Piece of ABM to learn more.

Gifting — the missing piece of ABM

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