Forecasting/Annual Planning

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Predicting revenue accurately as part of annual planning is a critically important skill for revenue leaders. If done incorrectly, it can have significant consequences. Across four sessions, we will dive deep into the science and art of forecasting and how an effective planning session can drive organizational health.

This course is designed for department heads who are responsible for revenue, whether it be in sales, revenue operations, or marketing. It will prepare you to go into your annual planning session with confidence and come out with a team approach to attacking revenue and achieving growth success.

You’ll learn to ask the right questions for executive revenue alignment, walk away with strategic insights and tactical templates for creating your annual forecast using a variety of methodologies, and ultimately be equipped to improve the accuracy of your annual forecast.

Stephanie Valenti


Stephanie Valenti has 15+ years of experience building and leading B2B sales organizations and operational departments from 50 to 500+ team members across the U.S., Australia, and Europe holding roles such as SVP of Global Sales, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Revenue Officer.

Today, Stephanie leads sales, marketing, and all client services and delivery departments at SmartBug Media as the CRO. Her focus is on creating unity between revenue teams, fluency in the customer journey, and credibility with partners.


Annual Revenue Planning 101

Understand annual revenue plans at the executive level and what role the revenue leader must play to assure company success and self-preservation.

Evaluating Different Methodologies

Explore different forecasting methodologies, understand the importance of using multiple methods, and how to overcome common mistakes.

Qualitative Importance

Deep dive into other factors you should consider outside of your math and how to approach the qualitative insights with your counterparts at the executive table.

Alignment and Deployment

Learn how to pull all of the annual revenue planning processes together and gain alignment across the organization.

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