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About the Course

All too often, the leader of the Customer Success team in a company does not have a “seat at the revenue table.” The time has come for that practice to end, as churn reduction, expansion, and the customer experience have all become “table stakes” for companies that want to exceed their revenue and profit targets consistently.

During this 12-week course, you will learn strategies, tactics, and novel approaches to help you gain and keep your seat at the revenue table in the ever evolving and important role of the Chief Customer Officer. Completing this course will help you learn and develop your skills so you can build lasting relationships with your peers, gain more executive influence and lead your team to greater success.

Course Curriculum

The Customer Movement

Understanding the customer persona and experience.

The Fundamentals of Customer Success Leadership

Leading and aligning your customer success team.

Hiring and Scaling a CS team

Determining when, who, and how to hire.

Going from Cost Center to Growth Engine

Becoming a profitable team, financial modeling, and forecasting growth.

KPIs/OKRs and Performance Management

Training and growing your CS team’s skillset, motivating performance and establishing benchmarks.

Creating the Customer Journey

Mapping the customer experience, tracking sentiment, and NPS.

The CS Playbook

Activating, renewing, and expansions of customers.

From Churn to Advocacy

Understanding churn, fighting it with data and creating advocates.

Sales and CS: Beauty and The Beast

Working together to maximize revenue impact.

Customer Sentiment Tracking: A Live Debate Panel

Debating the best way to benchmark and track customer health and sentiment.


A live CS Panel and final Q&A session

Getting the answers to all of your customer success questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will this course take place?

Applications are currently closed.

Is this course for Members only?

Yes, you must be a Pavilion Executive Member on an Annual Plan. If you’re not a Member, apply here.

Who should apply for this course?

Members who are VPs or higher looking to build their skillset as a customer success leader.

When are applications due?

Applications are currently closed.

Is attendance mandatory?

Yes, at least 90% attendance is mandatory and expected for all sessions.

Will course sessions be recorded?

Yes, all course sessions will be recorded and shared.

What does the course cost?

Tuition is included in the cost of Pavilion membership.

What will I receive for course completion?

After successful completion of course, you will receive a certificate of completion for this course.

What if I'm not a member?

You must be a member to participate. Apply today to experience Pavilion Member benefits.