Cold Emailing Course
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As a proven method to increasing sales leads and expanding business networks, cold emailing is a powerful tool for any sales, marketing or revenue professional to have in their arsenal. Over four weeks, participants will master successful cold email practices, including compelling subject lines, relevant personalization, effective calls to action, and more to help your pitch stand out in a flooded inbox.


Will Allred is Co-Founder and COO of Lavender. It is his fundamental belief that through the proper application of technology, we can enhance our ability to connect as people. In addition to his work with Lavender, Will is also a strategic advisor for Dooly.


Inbox Triage

Learn how to use triaging to your advantage to increase your chances of receiving a response.

Personalization 101

Understand what personalization means, how it can scale, and varying templates.


Learn how to design a follow-up cadence that enables you to learn what works and why.

Live Coaching & Re-Writes

Receive live feedback and tips for effective email practices.

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