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How Us in Technology Is Closing the Industry’s Diversity Gap

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Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON May 3, 2021

Bi-Weekly Recap: Event Highlights from April 16 – 30, 2021

We’re back with another ICYMI bi-weekly event recap of our busy Revenue Collective and Operations Collective events calendar (now Pavilion). In April, we had 124 informative events across both communities, led by some of the top revenue leaders in the world. 

Let’s dive into highlights from the second half of April.


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Rebuilding Your Sales Development Engine

The sales development world is no stranger to shifts in the market, but things have changed drastically since the pandemic. With an uptick in LinkedIn and email outreach, companies are investing in the tools to help their SDRs cut through the noise. SDRs are also staying in their roles longer—meaning it’s now worth considering layering teams to create step promotions. And a renewed focus on relationship building and changes in the qualification frameworks means the role of the SDR manager is more important than ever. With change in the air and a new landscape to navigate, many companies are looking at whether now is the right time to expand their sales development engine.

But how do you know when it’s the right time to rebuild? And more importantly, how do you do it? SalesWorks CEO Shabri Lakhani, along with a panel of experts in the field, discuss how sales development has changed over the past year, what needs to be in place to grow and how to shape your SDR team, so they are set up for success.

Things to consider when rebuilding your SDE: 

  • Determine your SDR mission statement: Know what your team needs to achieve and how it lines up with key business objectives
  • Envision the ideal SDR candidate: Good candidates are passionate, committed, and resilient, among other things
  • Define your framework for rebuilding: Consider your qualification methodology, team ownership, training and enablement, and compensation structure


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How to Win a Job as a CRO

CROs have become increasingly important as companies and their offerings become more complex. With their ability to look at the organization holistically and deliver results across multiple teams, CROs are key to helping the CEO execute their strategy.

But often, the need for a CRO is not evident to most executives – and it takes an experienced, determined individual to seek out the opportunity to become a CRO and shape the role for their organization. In this webinar, a panel of diverse CROs discussed what it takes to become a CRO and the role’s value to the organization.

A few tips on how to prepare yourself to become a great CRO:

  • Build up your business acumen: Being a CRO is about seeing the business from all aspects, including strategic opportunities and challenges
  • Insert yourself into different departments: The wide range of experience with different team members will help you build relationships and understand the business better
  • Develop a proven track record of success: Meet your targets — and help your peers do the same


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Virtual Onboarding and Employee Engagement Best Practices

Keeping employees engaged in a remote or hybrid environment can be challenging — it’s tough to know what’s working and what isn’t, let alone how to make the experience better. Human resources teams are looking for ways to better support employees in the new normal, from fundamental issues like ergonomics and connectivity to more complicated issues such as Zoom fatigue.

There are some bright spots—one benefit of the recent changes is that teams previously spread out geographically now have more opportunities to connect and stay informed. That alone can provide a noticeable bump in employee engagement and healthy team dynamics. In this webinar, Nikki Leske, Head of People Operations, Kurtosys Systems, and Brad Kime, General Manager and NYC Chapter Head, Operations Collective (now Pavilion), discussed some of the other ways companies can help new hires and existing employees stay connected and committed to their work.

A few best practices for employee engagement:

  • Ask questions, often: Use surveys to understand what’s working and what’s not — and continue to check in periodically to see how attitudes change over time
  • Implement the buddy system: Assigned work buddies can provide a network for new employees to reach out to from Day 1
  • Be wary of Zoom fatigue: Virtual activities should provide professional value, not just opportunities to connect
  • Support entry-level staff: Help young professionals problem-solve with training tools and guidance on when to escalate any issues they may have


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