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2022 Pavilion Partners
Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Jan 20, 2022

Welcoming Our 2022 Partners

Partnerships at Pavilion operate a little differently. Our partners are carefully curated to bring expertise, insights, and support in critical areas for our members. Here are the 2022 Pavilion Partners making conversations and experiences happen, plus their areas of expertise and where our members can find them within Pavilion.


Platinum Partners

Carabiner Group – RevOps & Salesforce

Carabiner Group is a full-service fractional RevOps consulting agency on a mission to make RevOps easy. They partner with customers from start to finish, delivering scalable solutions and developing effective strategies across the entirety of the Revenue Operations ecosystem.

Carabiner Group will be sharing insights, leading discussions, and preparing Pavilion members for the future of RevOps. If you have questions on RevOps as a service or the best way to configure Salesforce, Carabiner Group is your go-to. Members can find them in #topic_tech_stack on Slack, or you can reach out to Cliff Simon and Seamus Ruiz-Earle on Slack.


Gainsight – Customer Success

Gainsight helps businesses build deep and lasting relationships with customers, streamlining customer data into a single platform. As a leader in the customer success space, Gainsight is on the forefront of trends in the industry, and is an early adopter of NRR (net revenue retention) as the premier CS metric.

Members can talk about the new frontier of customer success with Gainsight team members in #cs_general on Slack or glean insights in the monthly Customer Success newsletter.


Clari – RevOps & Forecasting

From Forecasting, to Pipeline Management and Revenue Intelligence, Clari’s Revenue Operations Platform makes the entire revenue process more efficient and predictable.

And they’re helping our members streamline workflows, spot pipeline risk, prioritize deals, and much more in #crossfunction_forecasting_pipe_mgmt and #revenue_operations on Slack. Member can also reach out to Kyle Coleman or Michael Lowe on Slack. 


Contractbook – Legal & Contracts

Contracts store your most valuable business data yet PDFs prevent you from making them accessible to the right teams and systems inside your business. Contractbook is on a mission to turn your contracts into data.

Not only does Contractbook sponsor the #legal and #sales_contracts_agreements channels in Slack, but they also offer a free three-month trial of their Automate Plan exclusively to Pavilion members. Contact Yoav Susz to learn more.


Loopio – RFP Process

Loopio helps you get the best proposals into your clients’ hands sooner, so you can take control of your day, your sales cycle, and your growth.

Members can learn the secrets of a successful RFP process from the experts at Loopio firsthand at their next event on February 15. And don’t miss the member-exclusive discount of 20% off list price. Ask a Member Success rep for more details, or you can reach out to James Breen to learn more.


Qualified – Conversational Marketing

Qualified is a conversational sales and marketing platform that helps you meet with VIPs in real time using live chat, voice-calls, and chatbots. You can find out more in the #conversational_marketing slack channel or connect with Sarah McConnell to learn more. 


Gong – Revenue Intelligence

Gong is the leader in revenue intelligence, with Gong you can give your teams and leadership complete visibility into all deals, team performance, and market changes. Know for sure what is actually coming down the pipeline each month. Learn more in the #crossfunction_intelligence channel or connect with Russell Banzon


Dooly – Connected Selling Platforms

Dooly’s connected workspace brings the revenue team together to hit their goals with features like 1-click pipeline updates, instantly syncing notes to Salesforce, and automatically adding new contacts to an account.

Pavilion members can get to know the Dooly team in #sponsor_dooly on Slack and upgrade to Dooly Pro for free. Learn more on the Member Perks page.


Quotapath – Compensation Plans

QuotaPath is automating commissions and increasing understanding of complex comp plans to fuel a more efficient and accurate sales process for teams.

Strategize comp plans and compare notes with fellow members in #crossfunction_comp_plans and join the Quotapath team on January 25 for #ERROR! Your Sales Commission Tracking Spreadsheet is Wrong. You can also reach out to Graham Collins for help on your compensation plan.


Chili Piper – Inbound Lead Conversion

Chili Piper makes meetings happen with advanced scheduling software designed to help B2B revenue teams double their conversion rates, increase customer satisfaction, and reach new levels of productivity.

Join their next event on Thurs Jan 27th, discussing sales and marketing alignment. You can also connect with Arthur Castillo to learn more about Chili Piper. 


Sendoso – Sending Platforms

Did you know gifting can improve conversion rates and deliver big ROI on your campaigns? Sendoso makes sending gifts and making a physical impression easy with an easy-to-use platform and pre-made gift bundles.

Catch up with Sendoso in #sponsor_sendoso and look for a new ebook coming soon on the power of gifting for account based marketing (ABM) campaigns.


6Sense – Account Engagement Platforms

Speaking of ABM campaigns, our partner 6Sense is an end-to-end account-based platform designed for the entire go-to-market team. Members can find them in #marketing_abx on Slack. Connect with Lacey Gaitan to learn more.


Showpad – Revenue Enablement

Showpad is a global leader in revenue enablement technology. They make sure your revenue teams have access to the right content at the right time. This means helping revenue teams create rich experiences for buyers — engaging whole buying teams in virtual deal rooms, and using data insights to spot intent spikes, improve marketing content, and conquer the world.

Learn more in the #revenue_enablement channel or reach out to Wacarra Yeomans.


Outreach – Sales Engagement

Want to see what the #1 sales engagement platform can do for your business? Ramp reps faster and improve retention. Prospect more efficiently. Conduct stronger meetings. Discover and fix deal risks proactively. Win more predictably.

Learn more in the #sales_engagement channel or reach out to Max Altschuler.


Diamond Partners


Docebo – Learning & Development

Docebo powers learning experiences for over 2,000 customers around the world with a suite of solutions for learning, development, and training — including our own Pavilion University

The Docebo team will be leading the conversation about building a learning culture in our new Slack channel #crossfunction_learning_and_development. 


Reprise – Product Led Growth

Reprise is the #1 Full Funnel Product Led Growth Platform. With Reprise you can create and share product tours and demos, perfectly customized for each step of your funnel.


Find Reprise in the #product-led-growth channel or reach out to Jorge Soto.


Interested in partnering with Pavilion? Contact the team here.