Our Values

Our values are our technology and core to what we’re building

Members first.

We work backwards from our Members success.  That’s our first question.  We don’t solve for internal politics or what’s easier for us.  We solve first and foremost for our Members.  We go to great lengths to help our Members.  We do things that aren’t scalable.  We take their calls on a Saturday.  We offer time we didn’t know we had.  This is about them.  Not us.  Helping them.  

We get by giving.

Giving and helping is its own reward.  We are playing a longer game.  Our relationships aren’t transactional.  We believe and know that through helping others we will help ourselves in ways that will be far greater and more impactful than we ever imagined.  We know the world is not zero-sum.  Our help to others increases its abundance.

We deliver X + Y.

Doing the bare minimum (X) is never acceptable.  We ask ourselves, “Why are we doing this?” and anticipate not just the minimum requirements (X) but the added requirements (Y) even if they weren’t requested.   We don’t just identify problems (X).  We identify problems and suggest solutions (X+Y).  We take pride in moving outside our job description and outside our comfort zone.  We get our hands dirty.  We pick up the phone.  We take action to drive the business forward and help our Members thrive.  We deliver X+Y. 

Listen closely, act quickly.

Our Members will tell us what we need to build if we listen.  But we must listen to them.  This means careful observation and empathy.  This means we talk less than they do.  And once we absorb an idea, we move very quickly to execute it.  Speed becomes a competitive advantage unto itself.  The modern world requires rapid iteration and tolerates a lower degree of perfection in favor of speed and responsiveness.  We know that.  We use that to our advantage.  We listen closely.  We act quickly.  

Diversity makes us better.

Pavilion is diverse and our team needs to be diverse to ensure we appreciate all perspectives.  Diversity strengthens us.  Diversity forces us to appreciate different perspectives, to empathize, it forces open our mind like a crowbar opening a dusty vault.  To be better, to be our best, we need to value everyone and mean it.  

Always better.

We’re never finished evolving, changing, trying to improve. We believe that if we are passionate and committed enough to continuous learning and development, we can accomplish great things. We want to get better. We want feedback. Feedback is a way to keep learning.  It unlocks change and innovation.  It helps us improve our performance and results. We are constantly pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and into areas of growth and opportunity.  We are relentless in our quest for improvement.

We choose to come from kindness.

Kindness begets more kindness.  Every action we take comes from a place of empathy and compassion.  We treat our teammates and our Members with the compassion and empathy they deserve as human beings.   We try to pass along the legacy of compassion, empathy and understanding in every interaction, even when delivering bad news or constructive criticism.  We are honest and direct but we don’t use that as an excuse to be an asshole.  We don’t blow up a meeting with temper tantrums.  We don’t act like children.  The world is better when people are kind.  We choose to come from kindness.