What LGBTQ+ solidarity means for Pavilion

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Pavilion | PUBLISHED ON Jun 21, 2021

Introducing…Pavilion! Here’s what’s next for Revenue Collective [Press Release]

Revenue Collective, the rapidly expanding private membership for professional leaders, today announced the launch of its rebrand to Pavilion in its live, virtual Transform 2021 event attended by top industry leaders from WeWork, Hubspot, and TripActions. The company also announced $25 million in growth financing by VC partner Elephant, as well as reaching a 5,000 Member milestone and introducing 13 new universities that offer Members courses taught by industry experts. 

“After five years of unparalleled growth, we are thrilled to be expanding into all industries under a new name, enabling us to bring together professionals from diverse functions in one place,” said Pavilion Founder and CEO Sam Jacobs. “After surpassing 5,000 Members, it was a pivotal moment for us to provide all leaders—in any industry or job function—access to the support, resources, and experience they need to unlock and achieve their professional potential.” 

Today’s Pavilion Transform 2021 event announced: 

  • Revenue Collective’s rebrand to Pavilion: The Pavilion rebrand comes with a new name, logo, colors and website. Pavilion expands the community of top sales, marketing and revenue leaders to all job functions, including finance and general operations. For the first time the company will also be welcoming entry-level professionals, known as Analysts, to their growing network. 
  • $25 million in financial growth: The investment by Elephant and other individuals will enable Pavilion to further support its Members through additional training and certification partnerships, expanding into more functions outside of revenue, and building out its Member Success team that supports the growth of its community. 
  • 13 new university offerings: New courses and programs will be offered through Pavilion to give Members access to some of the most respected professionals in the world through its Rising Executives Program, CRO School, Revenue Growth Architecture School, RevOps School, Frontline Manager School, CMO School, CCO School, Enterprise GTM School, Community Leadership School, Excel for Business Bootcamp, SDR Bootcamp, and Sales School, and Customer Success School. Pavilion now offers these courses across all go-to-market functions, all included directly in Membership at no additional cost. 
  • A CSR partnership with Ecologi: Pavilion will become a member of Ecologi, the tree-planting subscription service, to give back more to the planet and set sustainable company carbon footprint goals. 
  • The acquisitions of FinOps and SDRDefenders: These acquisitions bring more communities together as part of Pavilion. FinOps is a cloud financial management platform, and SDRDefenders is a group of revenue professionals on a mission to transform the way organizations think about talent. 


“Pavilion is demonstrating that it can be a global professional development leader, with a durable, robust business model,” said Peter Fallon, General Partner at venture capital firm Elephant. “We believe Pavilion offers its Members access to the best and brightest leaders, and we look forward to working with this community as it expands across additional industry areas—providing Members with even more offerings, resources, and experiences.” 

“Pavilion brings us one step closer to our vision where professionals at every level have what they need to achieve their potential, while supporting one another through a common set of values,” said Jacobs. “Thank you to our Members who have joined us over the years, adding so much value to how we think about professional growth and opportunities. We look forward to the next chapter.” 

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