Expanding our community 

Pavilion, the premier global community for B2B revenue leaders, and Sales Assembly, the leader in training and skill development for B2B revenue teams, partner together in order to provide unparalleled value for revenue leaders and teams of B2B technology companies across the our respective communities of members. Below you can learn more about what members of both organizations receive as part of our partnership.

We both also share a commitment to fostering inclusive, supportive, and dynamic communities for the revenue leaders and teams of the best b2b tech companies on the planet, and our partnership emphasizes the importance of community, and professional growth.


Pavilion members get 15% off their corporate membership with Sales Assembly, and Sales Assembly members get 15% of their Pavilion executive membership.


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Frequent IRL Events

Many cross-community IRL events will be held and collaborated on in Chicago, as well as other cities around the country, giving individuals more opportunities to meet and connect.


Special partner pricing

Current members Pavilion can enroll their whole revenue team into Sales Assembly at a discounted rate for the first year. Individual execs from Sales Assembly member companies can sign themselves up for Pavilion for a discounted rate for the first year.


Expanded community

Members of both Pavilion and Sales Assembly will gain access to an expanded community of industry experts, thought leaders, and peers on a global scale in order to further drive learning, collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Additional resources

Access to and involvement in a number of curated resources, tools and events for members of both Sales Assembly and Pavilion.

Let's take the next step, together.

If you’re a member of either Sales Assembly or Pavilion and interested in exploring membership in the other organization, let us know and we’ll route your message to the appropriate team!