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State of Sales Development 2022

We worked up with Operatix and Benchmark Research Partners to survey 230 sales leaders across North America, Europe, and Asia to understand the structure, strategy, performance, and plans of sales development teams today — and what that means for the future.

We found four key insights on the state of sales development:

Sales Development Has Become More Effective Over The Past Year
In 2022, teams have a stronger understanding of digital sales development and have relaxed barriers to entry into the field, paving the way for highly effective talent who had been previously overlooked.

But Teams Are Still Struggling to Hit Quota
Despite sales development being more effective and quote attainment improvement, teams are still missing targets with 73% of respondents saying they are under 100% quota attainment year to date. We have even more data on this from 5 months of Pulse Surveys. 

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