Whether you support an enterprise sales team or a GTM team of 10, how can you, as a revenue leader, establish proven processes that enable them to move faster and more agilely?

On July 2, Hayes Davis (CEO, Gradient Works), Sara Archer (VP of Sales, ChartMogul), and Host Ryan Milligan (VP of RevOps, QuotaPath) will talk through the changes they’ve made to structure teams for efficiency.

These changes include: 

  • Adjusting the hiring profile of a sales rep completely
  • Hosting technical product trainings for reps
  • Providing strong documentation
  • Implementing the OODA loop to drive outbound 
  • Inviting executives into the sales process
  • Offering self-service sales funnels
  • And more…

Find out why one leader axed their outbound model entirely, how another is helping large sales teams run outbound based on targeting and relevance, and why and how our third speaker builds a sales motion to hit the buyer at the immediate “right time.” 

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