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Introducing…Pavilion! Here’s what’s next for Revenue Collective [Press Release]

Sam's Corner
Sam Jacobs | PUBLISHED ON Jun 24, 2021

Our Vision for Pavilion

For most companies, the lines of code, the software, is their technology. 

For us, our values are our technology. That’s not just a catchy slogan — it’s the capital T Truth of our organization. 

Over the past five years, we’ve built a community that’s now 5,000+ Members strong across five continents. At the core of our community are the values we never compromise on and the values that every Member embodies and emulates as the community grows. 

We believe in mutual respect, a give-to-get attitude, that diversity makes us better, and that our Members come first. These values and more are passed along from Member to Member and company to company without any additional lines of code. It’s these values that enable us to scale. 

As we’ve scaled, we’ve also learned these fundamental values are universal to all professionals, not just sales, marketing, or customer success. 

Now, it’s time for our brand to grow with the community. At this week’s Transform 2021 conference, Revenue Collective relaunched as Pavilion, a haven for high-growth professionals that builds off everything you love about Revenue Collective — the connections, trainings, and career support—but opens the doors to so many new possibilities.

Pavilion envisions a world where thousands, and one day, millions of Members, in every city, in every function worldwide, are bound together by a shared sense of support, reciprocity, and belief in long-term relationships.

Perhaps most importantly, Pavilion envisions a world where a small subset of us believe that being kind, compassionate, and helpful isn’t even altruism. It’s not a sacrifice at all — it’s the very thing that will propel our success. A world where kindness and support are a path to impact, wealth, and contentment. A world where nice folks finish first.

I know this world is possible because it’s the story of Revenue Collective, and now, Pavilion. It’s the idea that you can pay a simple fee to become part of a supportive community whose sole purpose is to help you succeed. 

We’ve built that company and community together. Over the next few years, I hope you’ll take this journey with me, the team, and all of our Members as we continue to build something extraordinary and work to collectively teach the world a different and better way to do business and succeed.

We’ll make mistakes. We won’t be perfect, and we’ll need your support and feedback.

But I hope you believe in our vision and trust that we genuinely and sincerely care about your success. We want to help you get where you want to go, unlock the greatness inside of you, and help that greatness see the beautiful light of day.

That’s what motivates us to come to work every day. 

Thank you again for all your support over the years and for the opportunity to work for you. It will continue to be our greatest honor to serve you in Pavilion. 


Here are a few of the exciting updates Pavilion brings:

Function-Based Communities

You now belong to a sub-community based on function — Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, RevOps, General Ops, or Finance (more to come!). These functional communities will be your home base for the Pavilion experience, but as a Pavilion Member, you’ll have insight into as many functions as you want.

New Membership Level

Pavilion is a place for all professionals to unlock their potential. That’s why we’ve added a new Membership tier, called Analyst. It’s open to anyone within their first five years of professional experience looking to lay the foundation for a limitless future. 

New Courses from Pavilion University

CRO School and Rising Executives are back with the addition of CMO School, CCO School, Community Leadership School, and many more on their way. Soon, there will be at least one school or course for each functional community under Pavilion University.  


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