Creating Your Personal Go-to-Market Plan in a Tight CMO Market 

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Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Jan 24, 2023

Top 9 Pavilion Sales School Grads 

The difference between a great sales leader and an excellent one is training—and lots of it. In today’s evolving climate, sales is not merely about closing deals. It’s about building a strong but flexible foundation that can help you adapt to any situation. It’s about honing your sales skills across the spectrum, from the moment you begin prospecting to when the deal closes and beyond. It’s about becoming a deliberate and effective sales leader—one who can understand a customer’s pain points, guide the sales conversation from problem-solving to negotiation, and cementing deals that create loyal, lifelong customers. 

Mastering these skills might sound daunting. Luckily, there are instructors like Stephanie Valenti who are busy condensing years of their personal sales experience into digestible, actionable sales wisdom. For the last ten weeks, Valenti—a CRO with 15 years of building B2B sales organizations and operations departments—has led a cohort of Pavilion’s individual contributors and analysts through Sales School, an intensive course designed to increase bookings, deal velocity, and all-around sales success.

Everyone learned valuable skills from the world’s top go-to-market leaders, and nine of Valenti’s students passed the test with perfect scores. At Pavilion, we celebrate each other’s successes, so make sure to give this stellar cohort a virtual pat on the back.


Sanjana Krnjak, Director of SDR/BDR & Revenue Enablement, ConversionStack

Suzanna Cole, Regional Sales Manager at PlayOn Sports

Devin De La Cruz, Enterprise Account Executive, Textio

Haylee Keyes, Account Executive, Raisley

Ashley Bangura, Inside Sales Representative, Homebot

Robert Sichel, Senior Account Executive, Textio

Ashley Lynch, Senior Account Executive, Textio

Michael Jauregui, Commercial Account Executive, Textio 

Jessye Levine, Account Executive, Textio 


“On top of riding the crazy sales rollercoaster, these rock stars invested in themselves, signed up for Sales School, and crushed the assessment with 100% accuracy,” says Valenti. “And now they’re equipped to crush their goals at 100%.” 

If you’ve been looking to up your sales game, Sales School is the place for you. Sign up here to be notified when the applications for the next session open.

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