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To be a top-performing salesperson in today’s economy, there are fundamental skills you need to master, outside of your company’s product training.

This intensive, 10-week school teaches students all elements of running an effective sales cycle from prospecting to close. Learn from the world’s best go-to-market leaders in live sessions followed by weekly cohorts with your peers. Cohort sessions include role-plays, exercises, and discussions about success stories and lost deals.


Laura “LG” Guerra joined Pavilion first as a member, becoming the Los Angeles Chapter Head, then the VP of Growth.

Laura integrates emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and her previous leadership training into her role everyday, championing culture building, personal branding and social selling.


The Qualities of Great Sellers

Gain a deeper understanding of the character traits, qualities, and daily habits of the top-performing sales reps.

Mindset and Building ResilienceManaging Your Day/The Secrets of Time Management

Learn practical tips on how to reconnect with your goals, boost your productivity, and better manage your focus and energy daily.

MEDDIC for the AE

Learn how to apply MEDDIC to your own deals in order to drive better deal control and velocity consistently.

Reflective Listening: The Magic Skill to Master First

Learn powerful listening frameworks and actively practice tactics used by therapists, nonviolent conflict resolution experts, and the very best sales professionals.

Mastering Discovery and Asking Great Questions

Learn how to implement the problem-based discovery framework and be exposed to effective strategies that will set the stage for a successful demo.

Sales Engagement and Effective Prospecting

Learn the best ways to segment your prospects, craft effective and engaging outreach, and how to best position yourself in front of the decision-makers.

Social Selling and Brand Building

Learn strategies that will help you optimize your online content, generate and engage online prospects, and ultimately impact your sales success.

Negotiation and Deal Scoring

Gain real-world insights of how highly successful sales reps incorporate negotiation tactics and best practices throughout the sales cycle to improve win rates.

The Art of the Close

Learn when and how to make the ask, project management skills, additional negotiation tips, and practical advice on how to plan for and overcome obstacles that may come up while getting the deal done.

Positioning Yourself for Advancement: How to Get Promoted

Learn ways to gain career clarity and reflect deeper on your own “why” for promotion. You’ll also hear practical insights on how to position and prepare yourself for the next step in your career.

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