The Current Macroeconomic Conditions & Effect on the Startup World

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Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Aug 18, 2022

Selling Through an Economic Downturn + New Pavilion course

With interest rates on the rise, supply chain disruptions around the world, and the highest inflation rates seen in decades, the SaaS world needs to prepare for the uncertainty of an economic downturn. During economic slumps, it’s tough for even the savviest sales professionals among us to close deals — but for those willing to think outside the box, recessions are ripe with openings. “There are buyers out there who are looking at this time as an opportunity,” says Global Data Plc SVP of Sales Tom Boccard. “And they’re taking advantage of the people sitting on the sidelines.”

AEs and sales leaders that are aggressive about changing selling strategies, keeping the right mindset, and truly understanding their prospects’ challenges are still closing deals and bolstering renewed sales for when the economic tides start to rebound. There are keys to success to not only survive an economic downturn, but to thrive. 

Pavilion has assembled a team of innovative and award-winning sales leaders for a four-week course that will teach you the strategies necessary for recession-proof selling. Over four weeks, Boccard, Lob VP of Commercial Sales Josh Roth, LLJR Enterprises CEO Larry Long, Jr.,and Variance Co-Founder James Gross will share their secrets to driving revenue and continuing to win even when the odds are stacked against you:

  • Motivation, Mindset & Perspective – Control the controllables. Identifying your internal motivation and mindset can be leveraged as your secret superpower for sales success in an economic downturn. As Larry Long Jr puts it, “What you do right now dictates the success you have in the future.”
  • Pipeline Building & Velocity – Pipeline is your key to success. Learn how to maintain your deal velocity and close rate by running multiple campaigns that continually optimize and test messaging. As Boccard explains, micro-campaigns allow you to quickly identify where the winners are so you can double down, and where the losers are so you can cut bait. 
  • Pivot without Panicking – Help your team get intentional with territory mapping to create deal momentum when opps enter your pipeline. Learn to find the right people and get them engaged. It might be more difficult than it was a year ago, but finding the right message that will resonate today makes all the difference. 
  • Adapting Methodology – Tap into your customer’s paint points, challenges, and opportunities in order to sync your product and services. Ensure you’re driving the right impact by scrutinizing and adapting your methodology to guarantee there’s alignment between what you’re selling and what your prospect is buying. 
  • Leveraging Data – Find out how to create a data-driven qualification model that propels momentum and upsells with customers. Traditional metrics are a constant, but in an economic downturn engagement data gives insight into who is responding the most and where efforts can expand. 


Economic downturns and recessions do not affect all companies in the same way. An interruption of economic growth inevitably forces all businesses to shift — but AEs and sales leaders that equip themselves with the effective strategies covered in this course are positioned for success even during a downturn in the market. 

Selling Through an Economic Downturn is a premium elective from Pavilion University, available at a discounted rate for individual members and included in our corporate membership, Pavilion for Teams. 

To enroll in this program, click here. Not a member yet? Join Pavilion today as an individual or sign up your team for membership. 


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