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Modern Selling - Pavilion and Showpad
Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Dec 22, 2021

It’s Time to Rethink Sales: New Pavilion + Showpad eBook

The digital age has dramatically changed expectations around business purchases. Today, B2B buyers are savvier, more informed, and more time-constrained than ever — so it’s time for us to rethink sales together. 

Innovative sellers are turning to new tools to streamline these complicated buying activities, starting with how customers access, consume and share information.  

This ebook helps give sellers the tools they need. Here are some of the highlights:


  • Optimize the buyer’s learning experience. With buyers learning about new solutions across multiple touchpoints, sellers now have to reduce friction across each channel. A tool like Showpad’s Shared Spaces functions as a digital deal room, letting buyers and sellers exchange information without endless email threads and attachments.
  • Create an interactive buying experience. Sellers are meeting the demand for interactive and individualized selling by utilizing training strategies beyond in-person learning. Showpad’s MeetingIQ provides coaching tools, conversation insights, and role-playing via video to work out selling kinks before your team is in front of buyers. 
  • Learn the four tenets of Modern Selling. Showpad and Pavilion asked sales and marketing professionals from over 400 B2B organizations what Modern Selling looks like in 2021. This ebook explores how businesses can prepare revenue-facing teams with new selling realities, from improving onboarding and sales readiness to providing enablement resources. 
  • Prepare your sales team. The number one challenge among survey respondents was that they did not have enough training to succeed at remote selling. Revenue enablement technology gives sales teams access to the content and training they need to succeed in a remote onboarding environment. 


Want to learn more about Showpad and Modern Selling? Download the full ebook.

And join us for an in-depth discussion on the challenges of modern selling and what the future holds for reps at our panel discussion on January 19, 2022. Register for the panel here.


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