Marketing Through an Economic Downturn + New Pavilion Course

Refreshed Executive Member Experience and Brand
Sam Jacobs, Founder & CEO of Pavilion | PUBLISHED ON Sep 19, 2022

Looking to the future of Pavilion in 2022 and beyond

Community-powered learning drives our member experience

This year, we’ve been on a journey to more deeply understand the value of a Pavilion membership – across all the numerous offerings we’ve included in Membership –  in a world facing changing markets, hiring shortages, and an uncertain economic environment.  

Our goal is to make sure that we are building the right things for our Members and that every promise we make we can deliver on.  

We found one thing that underscores all that we do and all we are asked to do by members — continuous adult learning. That is the key to unlocking and achieving professional potential. 

The way we approach learning in Pavilion has been, and continues to be, deeply rooted in community. Community-powered learning can take several forms, whether it’s a Pavilion University course or a one-to-one conversation with a peer. Regardless, learning lies at the core of our member experience. 

We also know that we need to create opportunities for executives to build deep and meaningful relationships with peers and colleagues.  Pavilion is still about meeting new people in places and ways that ensure everyone gets something from the relationship.  

Beginning with Executive membership, we will be laser focused on delivering elevated, continuous learning experiences through Pavilion University, moderated private communities, and amazing in-person events.

Pavilion University — Even more ways to learn in 2023

Since we launched our first course (CRO School) in 2020, we have grown Pavilion University offerings by 300 percent without raising membership dues. This year alone we’ve had close to 10,000 total enrollments with over 50% of the community having taken a course through Pavilion U.  

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and there’s a clear directive from members — they want to learn, and need programs covering the whole spectrum of their careers, as well as the careers of their teams. 

We will continue to heavily invest in Pavilion University through 2023 and beyond. Executive membership will include one C-suite school per year (e.g. CRO, CMO, CCO School), plus access to over 75 foundational schools and courses

Our flagship schools would typically cost well north of $10,000 outside of our community, making Pavilion Membership one of the most valuable professional development resources on the market. 

Functional and Cross-Functional Groups — Introducing private, moderated, small groups of peers

Pavilion began as a community, and community underpins all that we do. Having a go-to group of peers within the larger membership is a critical component of our community-powered learning philosophy. Members need a place they can go to seek help, ask questions, and get answers they can’t find anywhere else. 

Beginning in October, Executive members will be placed into one Functional Group and one Core (cross-functional) Group. These groups will give members a private, safe space to brainstorm, problem-solve, strategize, and share best-practices among a curated group of peers. Groups will be led by trained members, called Envoys, who have proven expertise and an investment in helping others unlock and achieve their potential. 

Elevated Experiences — New Executive-only events 

We’ve heard members loud and clear and recognize that in-person events are a valuable part of the Pavilion experience. Moving forward, we’re committed to delivering exceptional event experiences for our Executive members, who will have exclusive access to annual functional and regional summits, as well as more regular thought leadership dinners.

We’re kicking off our functional summits with the CRO Summit this November in New York City (registration opening this Wednesday, September 21), a CEO Summit in December, and many more events of this kind going into 2023. We’ll be sharing dates for these events, like our CMO Summit, North American Summit, EMEA Summit, and APAC Summit, soon. 

By the end of 2022, we’ll have hosted over 100 private Executive Dinners throughout the world. We’re hosting even more in 2023, programming 8-10 dinners and workshops monthly. Pavilion members will have global access to any dinner, anywhere in the world, and we will be continuing to refine the format of these dinners to deliver valuable experiences. 

Deprecating services where we can’t deliver exceptional value

As I’ve mentioned above, if we’ve learned nothing else this year it’s that bundling a bunch of mediocre and inconsistent services together doesn’t create meaningful value. Every experience you have with Pavilion needs to be exceptional.  

We must keep every promise we make to you and we can’t make promises we can’t keep.

In short, we will continue to invest in the resources that deliver the greatest impact to members and deprecate programs where we cannot guarantee valuable outcomes, including Lunch Roulette, mentor matching through Guider, and topical Slack channels. This will make our Executive member experience more streamlined and easier to realize ROI. 

Refreshed look and feel — Ushering in our next era

Finally, we’ve updated Pavilion’s visual brand to better reflect our vision for the future. It’s an exciting time to join Pavilion, and we know these enhancements to membership and our brand will go one step further in helping our members unlock and achieve their professional potential. 


If you are a current Member or are interested in learning more about what you can expect from your Membership, join me on September 21 for a live AMA with any questions you have. 

To be a part of our global community of 10,000 members and unlock access to these benefits, join Pavilion here.

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