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Bi-Weekly Recap: Event Highlights from April 16 – 30, 2021

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Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON May 5, 2021

All in the Family: Pavilion Member Profile – John Auer & Samantha Auer

Here at Pavilion, we operate like family — and we believe that family can be the people you choose. 

That said, we love to see actual family members in our ranks. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share Q&As with the Pavilion Members who also happen to be family members. Our first profile is on father-daughter duo John and Samantha Auer. 

John Auer, Partner & Interim CRO, Cortado Group

Samantha Auer, AE at Survey Monkey


PVLN: How did you both hear about Pavilion? 

John: About two years ago, a guy hired as an interim head of sales for a portfolio company I was working with suggested Pavilion (then Revenue Collective) as a great source for networking. Since then, I have attended a few seminars and offered some mentoring. I like the idea of sales people helping each other.  

I told my daughter that Pavilion would be a great way to expand her network and to learn about innovative companies associated with Pavilion.

Samantha: My dad, John, introduced me to Pavilion (then Revenue Collective) about a year ago and at that time it seemed like an exclusive group of high-powered revenue leaders. As time went on he realized there is an Associate program and recommended it several times to me as a way of networking and supplementing the sales training I was doing on my own. 


PVLN: Who joined first? And how did that person convince the other person to join?  

John: I joined first. it was an easy decision for Samantha; she just needed to get accepted.

Samantha: My dad joined first; he’s a sales executive. I got a ‘no’ on my first application based on years of experience. With some professional persistence and Pavilion member referrals, I was accepted as an Associate Member. 


PVLN: Does a revenue-focused career path run in the family?

John: Hah! I told Sam not to get into sales. The lure of commissions means it’s hard to ever leave what we do. She tasted early success and I think now likes the sense of accomplishment and the clarity of results.

Samantha: It’s true, he did say that. But he’s coached me as a salesperson my whole life, so I guess it was inevitable. I love what I do and I love that my dad and I have this connection. I’d be remiss not to name him as my best mentor in life and in my career. 


PVLN: How often do you cross paths in RC Slack channels or at events?  

Samantha: A little here, a little there. We have very different priorities, I think. We typically collaborate and share our takeaways from Pavilion live at the Sunday night dinner table. 


PVLN: How often did you lean on each other for advice before Pavilion?  

Samantha: I lean on him for advice all the time: account strategy, career trajectory, negotiations… you name it. It’s nice to know I have another place to go now for other unique perspectives. 


PVLN: What’s your favorite part about Pavilion? 

John: Pavilion is a wonderful association.  I am looking forward to coming out of the pandemic to do more live events.

Samantha: Agree wholeheartedly. I’m looking forward to live events in San Francisco with Pavilion, maybe even attending an event with my dad. 


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