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Training CSMs on Collecting Feedback from Customers

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Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON May 28, 2021

Event Recap: Highlights from May 2021

We’re back with another ICYMI event recap of our jam-packed Revenue Collective and Operations Collective (now Pavilion) events calendar. This May, we’ll log 117 informative events across both communities, led by some of the top revenue leaders in the world. 

Let’s dive into some of the month’s highlights. 

How to Conquer Imposter Syndrome

Impostor syndrome does not discriminate. Even the most successful people in the world can let their inner critic and limiting beliefs take over. This session takes a look at imposter syndrome, what it is, where it comes from, and how it’s holding you back from achieving your potential.

4 internal blocks that lead to imposter syndrome: 

  • Assumptions: An expectation that, because something has happened in the past, it will happen again
  • Interpretations: A story, opinion, or judgment that you create about an event, situation, person, or experience you believe to be true
  • Gremlins: Your inner critic that tells you, in one way or another, that you’re not good enough
  • Limiting beliefs: Something that you accept about life, about yourself, about your world, about the people in it that limits you in some way


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Data-Driven Strategies for Reducing Sales Rep Ramp Time

Every sales organization wants to ramp new reps to be as productive, happy, and confident — as quickly as possible. To speed up and optimize this process, many sales leaders embrace a data-driven approach to sales training. It’s a fundamentally different way of thinking about ramping and onboarding, and it’s improving ramp times. 

In this session, the team at Set Sail asked some questions to help you identify how you currently approach onboarding and outlined tactical ways to change a linear, content-focused process to a 360-degree, data-driven, coachable approach:

  • Build competence: Arm reps with knowledge, skills, and clear processes to ramp up quickly
  • Build confidence: Give new reps access to real-world activities to test their new knowledge 
  • Be data-driven: Focus on signals, best practices, and short-term wins 


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Master Class: Fee Structures Explained

One of the most challenging things about consultancy is the best way to structure fees. David A. Fields is a consultant, speaker, and bestselling author widely considered at the forefront of thought leadership for consulting firms. 

When establishing your fees, are you basing them on value or cost? Are you determining the final fee upfront or at the end of the project? Using this matrix as a guide, Fields walks through various models including the four basic fee structures in the premium curve to establish effective and lucrative rates for every type of consultancy from solo operations to large organizations: 

4 basic fee structures: 

  • Success fees 
  • Variable time & materials
  • Fixed time & materials 
  • Fixed value 


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Virtual Fireside Chat: Sales & Marketing Alignment

It’s an exciting time to be in SaaS, and as organizations scale, discussions on sales and marketing alignment maintain their potency. In this session, Lenn Montano NYC/FMM leads a discussion on how sales leaders can infuse marketing best practices into sales processes and how marketing leaders can learn from the sales leaders to better educate and serve prospective and existing customers. 

The session covers: 

  • The importance of online reviews & content 
  • Core cross-functional metrics to achieve alignment 
  • Monthly post mortems to cover wins, losses, and gaps 
  • The perfect profile for a product marketing hire 
  • Whether sales and marketing should both have revenue targets
  • And more 


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Holding Every Rep Accountable (and Keeping Them Motivated) at Home or In-Office

Whether your sales team is making dials from the couch or a business park, the face of work has radically shifted in a short amount of time. But regardless of location, one thing remains the same: Sales leaders need to make sure their teams are sourcing pipeline, setting meetings, and closing deals (fast and predictably). 

Mark McWatters, VP of Sales at Ambition, and Martin Roth, CRO at Levelset, offer a fluff-free assessment of the toughest challenges of holding reps accountable and replicate the energy of the sales floor in a new post-pandemic work paradigm. 


  • Maintaining in-office productivity and a motivated sales culture for remote sales teams once the novelty wears off 
  • Trusting your team to find ways to thrive in a new normal 
  • Building and scaling your organization to achieve your strategic goals —and keeping new remote reps aligned on those goals 


  • Building a coaching culture built around accountability and encouragement 
  • Creating a consistent coaching environment and onboarding experience to ensure your sales organization can survive and thrive
  • Making sure teams are aligned and adaptive to new changes


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