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Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Sep 24, 2021

Bi-Weekly Recap: Event Highlights from September 1 – 15, 2021

We’re back with another ICYMI bi-weekly event recap of our jam-packed Pavillion events calendar. We have 131 informative events scheduled in September, led by some of the top business leaders in the world. Let’s dive into event highlights from the first half of the month.

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Lights, Camera, Pipeline!

With the current workplace environment, people prefer to evaluate solutions and buy remotely, and sellers increasingly use virtual meeting tools like chat and Zoom to close those deals. But sending a custom video gives you more opportunities to speak directly to prospects, allow them to connect with you on their own time (and terms), and learn more about how you can help them.

Those opportunities aren’t just about showing off your soft skills. According to Saleslog, video leads to a 26% increase in response rate — that’s a huge improvement in guiding your customers through the sales journey. This month’s webinar looks at how video can enhance the customer journey and provides some best practices for making the most of the medium.

Here are a few ways video can help grow your pipeline:

  • Connect: It’s much easier to keep a customer’s attention when you provide visual cues. They’ll be more invested in what you have to say, and your message will be more memorable.
  • Educate: Video is a great way to show how your products or services work instead of just speaking about them. 
  • Earn: Putting a face to your name is an opportunity to establish more trust with prospects and stand out from the crowd. They’ll get a chance not only to see you, but also to hear your voice and sense your enthusiasm.


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How Sales Enablement Can Drive Sales Velocity

Sales velocity isn’t just about selling faster — it’s about identifying the components that have the biggest impact on sales performance and leveraging them to increase sales overall. 

If sales enablement focuses on selling more in a shorter period, it can often lead to high churn and dissatisfied customers. But when teams focus on the elements that go into healthy deals — opportunities, deal value, win rate, and length of the sales cycle — they can increase sales and increase the health of the deal.

In this webinar, we look at what goes into sales velocity, how to improve it through sales enablement, and how to prioritize what’s most important for having a real impact on performance.

Here are four key steps to driving sales velocity:

  • Synergy: Sales and marketing teams have to be on the same page about the desired outcomes, and they have to help each other. That means everyone has to be working toward the same KPIs.
  • Focus: Meeting customer needs must be your raison d’etre. That means much of your training should center around knowing the customer, even before knowing the product.
  • Sell it right: It’s too easy to convince a prospect to say “yes” without really knowing if your product will meet expectations — and it’s even easier for customers to walk away if they are disappointed. Take time to understand what value the customer hopes to get out of your partnership.
  • Prioritize and experiment: To achieve sales velocity, you need to prioritize the outcomes that will move the needle and experiment with ways to achieve those desired outcomes.


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How to Hire for Growth and Build a Winning Culture

When your company is in the middle of an expansion, it’s easy to focus on just filling headcount so you can keep the momentum going. But hiring with intention is an essential part of sustainable growth in a company. The truth is, your talent criteria will vary depending on your company’s growth stage.

In the second webinar of our series with Celonis, we look at how to hire for early growth, rapid growth, and mature growth using the five points of hiring: brains, commitment, success, relevance, and culture.

Here are a few highlights from the discussion:

  • Leverage your analytics: You can learn a lot if you document the hiring process and look at the outcomes. For example, you may find that you can increase accepted offers by having the hiring manager send the offer instead of human resources.
  • Train managers to hire: Knowing how to hire talent should be part of managerial training and can help surface unconscious biases, improve candidate experience, and identify a good fit based on culture and skills.
  • Hone your onboarding: A smart hiring strategy doesn’t stop when an offer is accepted. Take a holistic approach to employee onboarding to ensure new hires work better, faster, and with confidence.


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