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Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Jun 21, 2021

Bi-Weekly Recap: Event Highlights from June 1-16, 2021

We’re back with another ICYMI bi-weekly event recap of our jam-packed Revenue Collective and Operations Collective events calendar (now Pavilion). We’ve got 114 informative events scheduled in June, led by some of the top revenue leaders in the world. Let’s dive into event highlights from the first half of June.

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Maximizing Customer Success for Scaling SaaS Businesses

Customer success is essential to any SaaS business, but how they work with sales is the real key to tapping into your full revenue potential. Customer success teams have insights into customer motivation, the ideal customer profile, and the customer pain points. Sales teams, in turn, can help customer success teams understand customer motivations and goals.

In this event, moderator Dan Steinman, Chief Evangelist at Gainsight, along with Priya Bhandari, VP Client Services at EduMe and Laura Kightlinger, RVP, Customer Success, EMEA at Seismic, discussed how customer success teams can work with sales to support go-to-market efforts and the key attributes that make CS teams essential to driving revenue.

Things to consider when scaling your customer success team:

  • Grow together: Training on CSM skills as a team can help you move forward together with shared goals and shared tactics for reaching those goals

  • Be the trusted advisor: When customers know CSMs are focused on them and not on making a sale, they are more open to guidance

  • Be proactive, not reactive: CSMs should always remain curious to help customers get ahead of issues and concerns


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The Future of Revenue Enablement

There’s renewed focus on sales enablement teams in today’s business world, where virtual selling has ticked up, and in-person selling is beginning to re-emerge. More and more, organizations are looking to sales enablement to ensure sales teams can compete successfully, particularly in SaaS.

In this event, our guest speakers discussed how metrics are helping sales enablement make informed decisions, tricks of the trade for better adoption, and the opportunities for sales enablement in the future.

A few ways to optimize your sales enablement approach:

  • Focus on high engagement: Knowledge share should be informative, but it should also motivate attendees to participate

  • Opt for dedicated resources when possible: If you can get the headcount, it’s best to have people who are focused on specific teams

  • Incorporate a feedback loop: Make sure there are opportunities to share how programs are working for them


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Making Your Growth Strategy a Reality: Making the Transition to Team Selling

We know sales is more effective when people work as a team versus working in silos but making the transition can be challenging. The tendency at most companies is for people to focus on the project scope instead of taking a step back to look at the sales process holistically. The good news is that taking the team approach is worth the work — and it’s essential to growing your company.

In the third episode of our Making Your Growth Strategy a Reality series, our panelists talk about the value add of having a bird’s eye view of the organization, identifying the right people for the right roles, and defining how teams can get the most out of collaboration.

Here’s how the team approach can make a difference over time:

  • Incremental value: Teamwork means you can bring different perspectives together to help produce better results

  • Incremental impact: Teamwork makes it easier to try, to fail, to learn, and iterate

  • Incremental fun: Having an impact as a team is more rewarding when people have permission to be themselves


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