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Family Member Profile - Samantha and Ryan
Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Jul 7, 2021

All in the Family: Pavilion Member Profile – Samantha Carducci & Ryan Kelly

Here at Pavilion, we operate like family — and we believe that family can be the people you choose. That said, we love to see an actual family member in our ranks. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share Q&As with the Pavilion Members, who also happen to be family members. Our fifth profile features sister and brother-in-law duo Samantha Carducci and Ryan Kelly.

Samantha Carducci, Senior Manager Operations, Pavilion

Ryan Kelly, VP Growth Marketing, Domino Data Lab


PVLN: How did you both hear about Pavilion?

Samantha: Ryan was a raving member of Pavilion in the Boston Chapter. 

Ryan: The Boston chapter had been around for a while and kept coming up in conversations with GTM leaders I respected. 

PVLN: Who joined first? And how did that person convince the other person to join?  

Samantha: Ryan joined first in the summer of 2020. Ryan and I had been in similar industries, and around this time, I was on the job hunt. Ryan was very helpful, always sending me jobs he thought I’d like or be good at. Pavilion was constantly posting interesting jobs, but one that stood out was a Pavilion HQ job! Spoiler alert: I got the job, and the rest is herstory!

PVLN: Does a revenue-focused career path run in the family? 

Ryan: Kinda, haha — we came from very different backgrounds. I have a law degree, and Samantha came from the NBA and NFL, where she produced games and events. Fast forward a few years, and we both found ourselves in revenue-focused roles at scaling tech companies! My wife/Samantha’s sister is an accountant — so not quite the whole family, but maybe she’ll find her way one of these days!

PVLN: How often do you cross paths in Slack channels or at events?  

Samantha: Slack is useful when Ryan isn’t answering the family text (or we are talking shop).

PVLN: How often did you lean on each other for advice before Pavilion?

Samantha: Having a like-minded revenue driver in the family is great! Ryan has been in this world longer than I have, so having him to bounce ideas, questions, concerns off of has been a huge help in my career development and growth! Now having a whole community of people I can do this with at Pavilion is more than I could have asked for! 

PVLN: Now that we’re Pavilion (formerly Revenue Collective) what are you looking forward to? What announcements were you most excited to hear about? What do the changes mean for you as a Member? 

Samantha: Well, in the last year, I made the jump from marketing to operations, and I was just accepted into the RevOps Summer School program, which I am very excited about! The Learn program here at Pavilion keeps getting better and better. The more people to connect with, network with, and learn from is a big WIN! I’m also excited that Pavilion is becoming a more all-inclusive community with different industries coming together.

PVLN: What’s your favorite part about being a member of Pavilion? 

Samantha: I think the best way to answer this question is to share an experience I had here at Pavilion. I recently needed some advice on my career trajectory. I posed one question in slack, and within 8 hours, I had six industry experts respond to set time up with me to talk through my goals, answer questions, and give support in my journey. Having a community of 5,000+ people willing to give like that to Pavilion members is priceless for anyone who wants more out of their career. 


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