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Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Jun 7, 2021

All in the Family: Pavilion Member Profile – Laura & Steve Guerra

Here at Pavilion, we operate like family — and we believe that family can be the people you choose. 

That said, we love to see actual family members in our ranks. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share Q&As with the Pavilion Members who also happen to be family members. Our fourth profile features siblings Laura & Steve Guerra. 

Laura “LG” Guerra, VP of Growth, Pavilion

Steve Guerra, Business Development Leader, Duda 


Q: How did you both hear about Pavilion? 

Steve: I heard about Pavilion (then Revenue Collective) through Laura. She raved about the professional development, sales training, mentorships, and network of Sales Leaders she was able to meet and get connected with.

Laura: I’ve been listening to the Sales Hacker podcast for years. I always thought, “this Sam Jacobs guy is pretty smart.” Then I joined as a member and became the chapter head of LA. The community and its people have had such a profound impact on my life that I decided to join the team full time as the VP of Growth. 


Q: Who joined first? And how did that person convince the other person to join? 

Steve: Laura joined Pavilion first. Then, she worked for Pavilion HQ and was able to show me the presentations, talk in great detail about the benefits of Rising Executives, and highlight the connections she had developed through Pavilion

Laura: I told Steven he had to join or he would be evicted from the family! Kidding aside, Steven was in a new role at a high-growth startup, and I knew he would get the same value out of the community as I do. 


Q: Does a revenue-focused career path run in the family? 

Steve: Yes, Our mother was the CEO and Head of Sales for a CAD software company (SRAC). Laura and I both grew up with a mother who was constantly traveling for work, bringing us on her business trips, having us in her office while she was conducting business.

Laura: Definitely. Our mother started in sales back when it wasn’t very common to find women in software sales. She’s been an inspiration to both Steven and me. We love talking revenue at the dinner table! 


Q: How often do you cross paths in Slack channels or at events? 

Steve: We cross paths in the Slack channels, not so much during events as many have been virtual.

Laura: We will Slack each other occasionally, but not as much during events. I am definitely going to try and get out to an in-person Denver event later this year, though!


Q: How often did you lean on each other for advice before Pavilion? 

Steve: All the time. Considering Laura works for Pavilion HQ, I find myself asking her questions all the time about who I should connect with, where I should focus, how I can help improve the Denver Chapter, and much more. I view Laura (LG) as one of my mentors. She has been instrumental in my success in sales, and she and I have only grown closer as we have pursued the same career path while both being members of Pavilion.

LG: Steven and I have always had a great relationship. In his spare time, he listens to finance and economics podcasts, and I listen to sales and revenue podcasts. Even though he’s a lot younger than me, I still learn a lot from him! 


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