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Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Nov 9, 2022

Why Pavilion Founder Sam Jacobs Believes “Kind Folks Finish First”

Sam Jacobs’ early vision of Pavilion was about more than creating a community to help sales people excel at work. He wanted to turn centuries of so-called business wisdom on its head. 

The old business maxims focused on getting ahead at any cost; they championed selfishness and ruthlessness as the best way to grow and build wealth. But Sam believed in a world where reciprocity, generosity, and kindness could be good for business—a world where self-interest was replaced with community and everyone could get ahead. 

Six years later, Pavilion has proven Sam’s hypothesis many times over, growing into a $200 million professional development company that helps its members get through giving. Unlike other business models, Pavilion’s members believe that lending a hand to their community will give everyone a hand up—and with 10,000 global members offering 75 development courses while helping over 750 members get jobs, they’re proving that their model works.

Now Sam has turned his sights on helping the broader community grow through reciprocity. His new book, Kind Folks Finish First: The Considerate Path to Success in Business and Life, is a mix of hard-won wisdom and practical business insights that shift the definition of success and show you how you can build a business based on mutuality and generosity. In chapter after chapter, Sam uses real-life experience to show you how you can discover your core values, align your business and personal life with those values, and create a company based on reciprocity that drives more success—not less. 


  • Walk through a proven process to discover what you really stand for
  • Learn how to assume control of your life and how to leverage reciprocity to drive professional success
  • Align your personal life with your professional life
  • Unlock your highest potential to create true happiness


The book comes out November 15th, and there are special perks for those who buy in bulk. Want to bring Sam’s wisdom to your whole team and get exclusive, limited-access experiences with Sam himself? 


  • Order 100 copies and you’ll be eligible for a one-hour, in-person keynote and Q&A from Sam, followed by a book signing—a value of $10,000!
  • Order 50 books and get a two-hour virtual workshop with Sam that will guide you through building a business based on kindness and reciprocity—a $1,500 value!
  • Order 25 books and get an exclusive, 30-minute book club discussion with Sam—valued at $500.
  • Want a personal copy? Buy the book and receive a bonus download of Sam’s Personal Values and Career Action Plan worksheet, valued at $49.


Don’t wait to buy the book for you and your team. Purchase bulk orders before November 30th to qualify for exclusive experiences with Sam and put generosity at the heart of your business strategy. 


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