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From the Arts to the Art of Making a Deal

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Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Mar 19, 2021

Bi-Weekly Recap: Event Highlights from March 1-12, 2021

As our communities continue to grow, so does our events calendar. In March alone, we’ve got 105 informative events planned across the Revenue Collective and Operations Collective communities (now Pavilion), all led by some of the top revenue leaders in the world. So whether you’re a current Member or interested in a sneak peek at what our communities have to offer, we’ve recapped some of our latest events below. Check back every other week for a new Bi-Weekly Recap. 


Recognizing & Overcoming Call Reluctance in Your Sales Organization

Is the fear of rejection killing your sales numbers? If you are a CRO, VP of Sales, VP of Revenue, or a front-line sales leader, you need to know telephone cold call reluctance is at war with pipeline generation and ultimately your sales numbers. This session covered how call reluctance develops, why cold calling is an essential part of a balanced prospecting mix, and strategies to create a culture that beats back call reluctance.

So-called “experts,” say cold calling is dead — is that true? Michael Basso, VP of Global Inside Sales at Kore argues that most salespeople complain about cold calling because they’re not very good at it, and most sales coaches haven’t been coached properly on it themselves. Basso covered the signs of call reluctance and how to overcome them. 

  • 5 signs of call reluctance
    1. Deficient pipeline generation
    2. High reliance on inbound leads
    3. Lack of outbound dials 
    4. Using only email and social 
    5. Busy work 
  • How to create a culture that defeats call reluctance
    1. Create an OK-to-fail environment
    2. Reward failure
    3. Tell the stories of A-players who failed 
    4. Fail by example
    5. Inform, educate, and offer perspective 


Watch the full replay here:–overcoming/register


How to Build the Business of You & Create Your Career Mashup

The model of career progression and growth is no longer linear. Today, many professionals don’t look at one job, one career track, or one industry for their sole source of income. The side hustle is the new normal to make ends meet, have disposable income, or satisfy a passion. Connie Steele discussed the trends that shape the future of work and share insights from her new book on how to successfully navigate this evolution in a manner that aligns with one’s goals, passions, and interests to create personal and professional momentum and make your own career mashup. 

  • The new world of work: There’s been a massive shift from more siloed, linear, and rigid work to a more broad, agile, and fluid collaboration. 
  • Life and work are converging: The new world of work embraces work and life. Personal and professional. Being a thinker and a doer. Purpose and profit, not just wealth creation. 
  • Uncertainty is the new certainty: Our macro lives became uncertain during the pandemic, which extends to how we work. 
  • New fluidity = career mashups. Careers are no longer one-dimensional. More than ever, people are merging skills, roles, passions, experiences, values, hobbies, and more to reflect the dream career you want to create. 


Watch the full replay here:



Be A Better Ally- International Women's Day Event on Male Allyship

In honor of International Women’s Day, the Ireland Chapter hosted an event focused on Male Allyship. The key takeaway — it’s no longer enough for men to passively support women in the workplace. They need to be actively doing the work to be an ally. his session was packed with critical insights — here are a few highlights: 

  • Understanding intersectionality: Oppression is linked. People might have multiple identities that cross over and impact their experiences. For example, a Black woman may experience both racism and misogyny, but will experience each of them differently than a Black man or a white woman. 
  • We’re not all starting from an equal playing field: The only way to solve a problem is to understand what we’re dealing with and accept the privileges we enjoy. There are six key gaps when it comes to women’s equity in the workplace: 
    • Employment gap: Research shows that it will take another 12 years for women to bridge the employment gap in tech fields. 
    • Degree gap: Women are less represented in STEM degrees. 
    • Retention gap. Women come into the tech workforce, but they don’t stay for various policy or cultural reasons. 
    • Workplace culture gap: Male-dominated workplaces may offer less opportunity for women. 
    • Startup gap: 1 in 4 female founders don’t get access to capital to start a business.
    • Pay gap: Women continue to earn just 87 cents to each dollar earned by a man. 
  • Tactical tips to becoming a better ally: Allyship starts with us — are we standing up and challenging stereotypes and problematic viewpoints in our own communities? 
    • Try to understand the world from the viewpoint of others. 
    • Share opportunities that come across your desk with women.
    • Celebrate accomplishments. 
    • Share the workload of tasks typically performed by women, such as note taking. 
    • Be conscious of unconscious biases. 
    • Use your position to sponsor a woman in the boardroom.


Watch the full session here with code mB!E66ki. 

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