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Monthly Podcast Recap: Top 5 Episodes from March 2021

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Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Apr 6, 2021

Bi-Weekly Recap: Event Highlights from March 13-31, 2021

Expanding our community means expanding our offering. With an average of about 30 events a week upcoming in April alone, Pavilion (formerly Revenue Collective and Operations Collective) are quickly becoming the premier knowledge bank for revenue and operations leaders worldwide. With so many events to tune into, this bi-weekly event recap is a great chance to catch up on important discussions, learn from other industry leaders, and enjoy the scope of what Pavilion has to offer. Check back every other week for new ICYMI recaps. 


Building Massive Communities

Branded communities can range from an ancillary offering from a product-based company to a  standalone service to a unique industry sector, like Revenue Collective or Operations Collective (now Pavilion). In this session, we sat down with Kathleen Booth, VP of Marketing at and Derek Weeks, VP at Sonatype, to learn how to leverage tools at your disposal to build massive online communities. Attendees left with the following nuggets of wisdom:

  • Don’t talk about yourself
  • Start with community involvement
  • Let the community members drive
  • Be trustworthy and kind
  • Be persistent and consistent
  • Gamify the experience


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If You Want to Hire Better, Stop Thinking So Much About Recruiting

Recruitment is the cornerstone of all talent growth strategies, and yet some do it better than others. This session features John Erban, Independent Advisor and Operating Partner at MedMo, who points out areas where every company could improve their recruitment strategy and outcomes. In this discussion with Operations Collective (now Pavilion) General Manager and Chapter Head Brad Kime, John uses anecdotal and research-based evidence to show his audience:

  • Best practices on talent acquisition.
  • A how-to on enhancing your organization’s recruiting function.
  • Common blindspots to avoid from HR and hiring execs when scaling talent acquisition.


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Leadership Development and The Value of Lifelong Learning

Does your organization have a scared-to-fail culture? What’s the personality profile of your leadership? These questions and more were at the center of this session featuring the CEO of Sounding Board and the CPOs of Pinterest and Couchbase. Leadership development is about much more than seminars, books, and buzzwords. The best leaders are strategic, adaptive, and humble.

This goes against some traditional thinking on corporate leadership, with hard-nosed leadership styles from CEOs like Steve Jobs touted as exemplary leaders. According to Michael DeAngelo, an executive coach and former CPO at Quaker Foods, Pepsi, and Pinterest, hard-nosed leadership should be the exception, not the norm. 

“The best leaders I’ve seen are human,” he says. “They really connect with their organization.”

Other important takeaways from the session include:

  • Great leaders are trusted. The best leaders are ones that are focused holistically.
  • The most successful leadership trait is to learn. 
  • If you want people to learn in your organization when you’re the leader, you need to learn and show people you’re learning. Model that behavior, and your team will follow. 


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Scaling Content Personalization for ABM

In this discussion, Aaron Leeder, Senior Director of Partnership & Alliances at Revenue Collective (now Pavilion), hosts a discussion on content personalization for ABM. Your revenue and sales strategy are dependent upon a reliable sales funnel. Understanding and responding to the intricacies of your buyer journey will help you craft an automated content strategy that converts consistently. Amber Bogie, ABM Manager at Degreed, and Michael Waldron, VP of Marketing at Uberflip, show us:

  • Habits to avoid when personalizing at scale.
  • Why content mapping is a driving force in your buyer journey.
  • Why speed to market is so important and how to make it work for you.


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