How to Pick The Right Legal Entity for Your Business or Investment

Streamlining employee development
Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Aug 30, 2021

Game Changer: How Unified Employee Development Can Boost Performance

About a year ago, Encapture faced several challenges familiar to many in this new normal. The document automation company had a sales team working remotely with employees whose career and training development needs had only increased while working from home. Enablement teams were spending significant time and resources to achieve results, and they sought to consolidate some of their employee development efforts. 


Encapture had outsourced their training, mentoring, and coaching — sometimes spending upwards of $250/hr — to help employees with career enablement. Not to mention the fees they paid to recruiting agencies to help source new talent. With that in mind, the company had several improvements they wanted from their next employee development venture:


  • A unified training platform for remote learning and mentorship
  • A single-source career enablement solution
  • A resource to help individuals build their professional network


Introducing Pavilion for Teams

That’s when Encapture turned to us for help. Traditionally a resource for individual professionals who want to better their careers, companies can maximize benefits by leveraging the resources here at Pavilion for the whole sales organization. By joining as a team, Encapture gained access to structured training programs, resources to help streamline the sales process, and a vast talent pool to help grow and support staff.


Putting Pavilion’s resources to work

Within six months of joining, Encapture saw some amazing results. The trainings proved extremely helpful, saving Encapture 50% on their learning and development budget by consolidating trainings into a single resource. Employees benefited from learning about best practices with people who were at companies in a similar growth phase, gaining new perspectives on their approach and strategy.


Our Enterprise and CRO channels helped Encapture team members strategize on major enterprise-level deal management. They tapped the ROI channel to build an ROI calculator that resulted in a company-wide switch from feature selling to a value-based model. 


The additional learning and knowledge Encapture found in our resources paid off, and the team double booked ARR YoY in just two quarters. One enterprise account executive even closed a $150k deal in 90 days, significantly shorter than their average sales cycle.


Most unexpected was the savings in recruitment fees. With a vast network of top-notch talent, Encapture saved $100k in recruiting fees by networking with and hiring our own Pavillion members. The On the Bench program helped vet some recruiting efforts, and even Slack interactions helped Encapture identify potential hires who were genuinely invested in their career growth.


Today, Encapture continues to reap the benefits of our partnership with a better sales flow, increased productivity, and a stronger workforce. They can face the new normal, backed by a collective focused on best practices, best-in-class processes, and cutting-edge thought leadership.


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How to Pick The Right Legal Entity for Your Business or Investment
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