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Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Mar 24, 2021

Benchmarking Report Recap: The State of Remote Readiness

The past few weeks have been full of reflection. Just over a year ago, the world — and office life — ground to a halt. Overnight, work shifted fully remote. Some of us were ready. Others, not so much. In the months that followed, we learned to adapt. New tech tools were born from the chaos with promises to streamline the way we work and collaborate across multiple locations. Organizations scrambled to provide employees with the tech and tools they needed to work from their living rooms — and revenue leaders quickly learned about their sales teams’ remote readiness.

In October 2020, Pavilion, formerly Revenue Collective, partnered with Mindtickle! to survey over 120 revenue leaders and find out how they’re equipping and preparing their salespeople to execute their organization’s game plan for 2021. Here’s what we found. 


Sales enablement vs. sales readiness

When asked to differentiate sales training, sales enablement, and sales readiness, 


Tech investments 

Many revenue leaders are investing in one-off point solutions rather than platforms to solve each problem which results in ever-expanding tech stacks and heavy time and resource investment. 


The road to remote sales rep success

Establishing and documenting a baseline for success will help you select the right sales tools and processes for your team. Yet, most revenue leaders have not completed this process.


Key findings

In 2021, revenue leaders will need to continue building a new kind of sales culture. As remote work continues, building relationships and selling virtually will require different skills and an agile approach. The survey results revealed four key findings to help sales teams succeed in a virtual/remote world.

  1. Establish a baseline for success
  2. Staff up and create readiness-focused resources
  3. Prepare your readiness engine
  4. Invest in the right tech 


Dig into the full report for more insights on sales enablement and readiness, or watch our webinar recap of the results.