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Monthly Podcast Recap
Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Jul 1, 2021

Monthly Podcast Recap: Top Highlights from June 2021

We created the Pavilion podcast for one reason — give top revenue leaders a chance to share inspiration, know-how, and insights with the broader community. 

Which Pavilion podcast episodes have you caught lately? We know how busy life and work can get, especially these days, so it’s ok if you’re behind on the latest episodes. No worries — we’ve recapped the top four episodes from the last month for you. Skim, enjoy, and listen back to our favorite June episodes.


Episode 88: May 31, 2021

Grow Skills First, Earn Later with Amanda Armstrong, Director of Revenue Consulting, Gravitylab

Money is definitely important — it’s the main reason we go to work everyday! But, opportunities aren’t always about the title and the pay. Sometimes, it’s about building up your skills so you can increase your value down the road. And sometimes, those opportunities don’t come with additional compensation.

In this episode we talk with Amanda Armstrong, Director of Revenue Consulting at Gravitylab, about how to identify the opportunities that are worth working for, how to build your case when the time is right, and when to ask for more money. 

If you really can’t wait to hear more, here are a few tips from the episode:

  • Prove your value first: See opportunities for your growth and learning first, then prove your value. That builds the case to ask for more money later.
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable: Anything that stretches your potential is going to be uncomfortable in the beginning, and that’s ok! You’ll grow in the process.
  • Master your role: While it’s great to focus on getting that leadership role, it’s necessary to master the contributing role first.

Listen to this 18 minute episode


Episode 95: June 13, 2021

Joining The 1% of Salespeople with Lee Rozins, Head of Growth at Onaroll

We all want to be at the top of the sales ladder, but there’s very little space up there. So how do you make sure you’re one of the few? It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio of all people has the answer:

“If you want to be in the 1%, you have to be willing to do what the 99% are not willing to do.” 

Reaching the top means taking the path less traveled, and going further than most people are willing to go. Our guest Lee Rozins, Head of Growth at Onaroll, talks about what that means when it comes to killing it in sales and gives a few tips for making it happen for you:

  • See yourself in the winners’ circle: Know that there’s no reason why you can’t be part of the group that makes it
  • Surround yourself with uplifting people: Keep your circle full of friends and family who inspire you and help you grow 
  • See the positive in the negative: The one thing successful people have in common is that the negative doesn’t stop them — they look for the positive and keep going

Listen to this 37 minute episode


Episode 98: June 17, 2021

The Benefits of Working in Big Companies with Michelle Benfer, VP, Head of North America Sales, HubSpot

Big companies are often thought of as the slow, but dependable sibling to startups. Yet, there is some value in working for a big company, especially ones that are well known. In this episode Michelle Benfer, VP at HubSpot, talks with Pavilion about the upside of working at a large company.

“The big name helps — there’s a level of gravitas,” says Benfer, who worked for Vogue, AOL, and now HubSpot. People are naturally curious about what it’s like to work for popular brands, and it’s easily recognizable for hiring managers. Plus, there’s an assumption that if you can make it at a bigger company, you’re primed to deal with the challenges of working with complexity.

Here are some tips from Benfer on how to navigate larger companies:

  • Be fearless: Go for the opportunities and don’t be afraid of the big name.
  • Larger doesn’t always mean more: Budget challenges don’t go away at large companies, the focus shifts to raising money internally
  • Personalization wins: Even for a large brand, it’s important to remain empathetic in your sales approach and put the customer first

Listen to this 15 minute episode


Episode 100: June 21, 2021

100 Episodes of Revenue Collective! with Sam Jacobs, Founder of Revenue Collective, now Pavilion

In the 100th episode of our podcast, we host a veritable parade of guests including founder Sam Jacobs and officially announce RC’s rebrand to Pavilion. 

Here’s the all-meat, no-filler recap of the big announcements made on June 22: 

  • Revenue Collective & Operations Collective are now Pavilion
  • our new schools and 13 courses through Pavilion University, including RevOps Fall Semester, CMO School, Chief Customer Officer School, and a Community Leadership School — with more schools to come
  • SDRDefenders and FinOps are now a part of the Pavilion family
  • New Membership level: Analyst – for those entering the workforce
  • $25 million in funding, led by Elephant Ventures
  • Partnership with Ecologi to plant 10 million trees

Listen to the full 84-minute episode

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