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Event Recap: Highlights from May 2021

Monthly Podcast Recap
Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Jun 2, 2021

Monthly Podcast Recap: Top 4 Highlights from May 2021

We created the Revenue Collective (now Pavilion) podcast for one reason — give top revenue leaders a chance to share inspiration, know-how, and insights with the broader community. But, we know how busy life and work can get, especially these days, so it’s ok if you’re behind on the latest episodes. No worries — we’ve recapped the top four episodes from the last month for you. Skim, enjoy, and listen back to our favorite monthly podcast recap for May 2021. 


Episode 78: May 10, 2021

Outsourcing Your Lead Gen with Amanda Moore, Co-Founder of Demand Zen

Amanda Moore had always relied on organic growth and word-of-mouth recommendations. But when the 2008 recession hit, she realized she might need to make her first cold call. That led to her building a business focused on delivering sales-qualified leads in the form of appointments for some of today’s biggest startups. 

She notes that SDRs have a difficult job. It’s not easy to close deals, but it’s also not easy to open the door. As work shifted to remote work during the pandemic, more sales organizations started to rely on cold calling experts and outsourced SDR efforts to boost pipeline generation and act as an extension of their sales org. In this episode, Moore talks about: 

  • The value of finding the right outsourced SDR team 
  • How outsourced SDR teams can turn the leads you don’t have time to nurture into real opportunities 
  • Lessons learned during the pandemic 


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Episode 82: May 18, 2021

Starting as an SDR with Maura Brady, RVP Sales, Central at 6sense

Friends and colleagues thought Maura Brady was making a huge mistake when she left the lucrative field of finance to become an SDR. But really, she was trying to find a job that would be a good fit for her — and that’s never a bad reason for making a new start. 

Fast forward to today, and Maura has worked her way up the ranks to become the Regional VP Sales, Central at 6sense. We talk with Maura about the transition, some of the challenges she faced, and what made the difference on her journey along the way:

  • Take a leap of faith, but be ready to earn your success
  • Focus on what you can control
  • Don’t miss out on the signals that tell you a prospect is ready to buy


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Episode 85: May 11, 2021

Starting a Company with Your Spouse with Kathleen Booth, VP of Marketing,

In a matter of months, Kathleen Booth took on three of the hardest things you can do in life: getting married, becoming a mom, and starting your own business. With four children, including a newborn, it was time for Kathleen to make work work for her. So she quit her job in international business development and started a marketing agency with her husband. That gave her family the flexibility they needed to take care of home and work life. 

But make no mistake, starting a business — and doing so with her spouse — was certainly challenging. Kathleen credits their success to being committed to making it work as a business and as a family. Below are some budget-friendly marketing tips Kathleen picked up along the way to building campaigns on a tiny startup budget:

  • Use your subject matter experts to promote your company — they are great for lead gen and brand awareness
  • Put your experts into podcasts; it has great ROI
  • Personalized e-newsletters make marketing fun and relatable, plus they’re having a resurgence


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Episode 86: May 27, 2021

Bad Luck Is the Best Luck with Collin Cadmus, Founder, Collin Cadmus LLC

It sounds counterintuitive, but bad luck can actually bring you success. Collin Cadmus has had his share of change and disappointment during his 15-year career, yet he’s been able to turn it around into a successful consultant business. These days, Collin helps companies assess their readiness for a VP of Sales role and advises them on the search.

We talked with Collin about how moments of downturn are really springboards to leveling up. He had always wanted to work for himself, but he wasn’t sure what kind of business he would launch — it turned out that his experiences in sales were a great foundation for a self-owned business. Below are a few tips he has for sales teams looking to succeed:

  • Sales metrics are a short-term goal; the focus of the team should be on finding the right prospects and turning them into happy customers
  • Ultimately, you need to put the customers first to see real results
  • Customer-centric strategy starts at the top — your CEO and CFO have to be committed to it, too


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