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The Roundup: Women’s History Month 2021

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Pavilion HQ | PUBLISHED ON Mar 12, 2021

5 Ways A Mentor Can Supercharge Your Career

When it comes to building your career, there are often moments where you’re just not sure what move to make or what success looks like. If you’ve ever tried to get a promotion, switch careers, or make a major decision on the job, you know the difference a little guidance can make. 

Mentors are an invaluable resource for those moments because they can help you fill in the blanks and make more informed decisions. And with 71% of Fortune 500 Companies running internal mentoring programs, it’s no surprise that mentorship programs create a powerful ripple effect throughout a business.

To understand the full value of a mentor, let’s start with the role they don’t play. Mentors are not parents, fairy godmothers, or magic bullets. Mentors are guides that help you articulate your goals and realize success. Ideally, your mentor is experienced, well-respected, inspiring, and invested in helping you succeed. With qualities like that, mentors can help you pave a path to success. 

Mentors can teach you soft skills

We know soft skills are integral to being successful, especially as you move higher up the ranks. Mentors can help you identify the soft skills that will make a difference in how you relate to coworkers, managers, and even clients. And whether you’re facing a challenging situation or a huge opportunity, a mentor can help you tap into the soft skills that will lead to the best outcome.

Mentors can fast-track your career

Mentors typically have insight into the best way to add value as a member of an organization. The right mentor has been where you are, but they also usually have experience working in the type of role you aspire to. That means they know what your managers expect of you and the kind of performance that can really get you noticed. In fact, a 2006 study found that 25% of employees who participate in a mentoring program obtain a salary change, compared to only 5% of those who don’t participate in a program. 

Mentors can be your sounding board

We all have bright ideas, but they aren’t always ready for prime time. Mentors are a great resource for talking through new product offerings, customer success strategies, and sales approaches. More importantly, the ideal mentor has the experience and expertise to help you identify potential roadblocks and develop solutions in advance, so you’re better prepared to try something new and succeed.

Mentors can help expand your network

Knowing the right people is an important part of a successful career, and mentors are often happy to connect mentees with people who can help them learn, succeed, and grow. Whether you are looking to expand your network for an immediate reason or for the long-term, mentors are an organic way to get to know more people.

Mentors can help you plan your best next step

Whether you’re just starting out, seeking a more managerial or executive-level role, or looking to switch careers, a mentor who’s faced similar professional circumstances is an invaluable resource.


Interested in learning more about the business case for mentorship? Join Pavilion and Guider on March 18 at 12pm EST as we discuss the business impact of mentoring with leading industry experts. This session will be recorded and can be accessed through the same link. 

Pavilion members, please reach out to a Member Success Manager to learn more about our newly launched mentorship platform. 

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