Sell Like a Spy

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Pulling back the curtain on a mysterious world, Sell Like a Spy offers students the chance to learn some of the elite skills that make spies so good at building relationships and demonstrates how spies seek to connect deeply with an extraordinarily wide range of people – just as sales professionals must engage a wide range of clients – in order to win them over.

This course offers business development lessons from the world of espionage as students will learn about rapport building, deception detection, negotiation tips, and advice on handling difficult clients, all to go along with true stories and colorful insights throughout the course.

Designer and Featured Speakers

Jeremy Hurewitz, Course Designer and Founder, Challenger Hill Consulting

Jeremy Hurewitz

Course Designer and Founder, Challenger Hill Consulting

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Robert Grenier, Featured Speaker and Former CIA Case Officer

Robert Grenier

Featured Speaker and Former CIA Case Officer

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Stephen Romano, Featured Speaker and Former FBI Chief Negotiator

Stephen Romano

Featured Speaker and Former FBI Chief Negotiator

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Spy (and Sales) Essentials

Understand the essentials of selling, including conversational tips on eliciting information, connecting with clients and prospects, and managing challenging situations.

Negotiate like the FBI

Dive into the world of negotiation and how to detect deception with former FBI Chief Negotiator Steve Romano.

Build Relationships like the CIA

Learn insights into building relationships with a wide range of targets from former CIA case officer and Director of CIA CounterTerrorism Center, Robert Grenier.

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This course is currently closed.

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