Fixing the Leaky Sales Funnel: Improving Conversion Rates in B2B Sales

Presented by GTM Buddy & Pavilion

Many revenue teams are struggling to hit their targets. In Q3 2023, only 42.8% of B2B sellers met their quota, a significant drop from 53.0% in Q1 2022.

Is a leaky sales funnel to blame for this state of affairs?

We spoke with leading revenue experts to uncover the reasons behind this trend and discover what they are doing to improve their sales teams' conversion rates. The result is a comprehensive ebook filled with deep insights and practical advice on how to improve conversion rates at every stage of the sales process and enable your average reps perform like top sellers.

In this ebook, we explore:

  • The problem of the leaky sales funnel and low conversion rates
  • Why enablement initiatives fail to have the desired impact on sales effectiveness
  • How to ace revenue execution with the right use of technology

If you’re ready to transform your sales process and boost your conversion rates, this ebook is your guide.


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