GTM Tactics in the Age of the Buyer: Digital Buying Experience, Mutual Action Plans and Internal Team Selling.

Dec 6, 2023

4pm — 7:30pm

90% of software buying happens during internal meetings when you are not in the room. We are so focused on our Internal Processes and Internal Locus of Control that we totally forget about the fact that we are currently living in a Buyer's age. The Buyer decides in a blink of an eye whether they do want to do business with you. They expect a seamless buying experience across the board without any friction. So, let's move away from Strategy: Annual Planning, Playbooks and other Internal processes and let's turn Tactical. In our next Pavilion Amsterdam Executive Meetup we are going to focus on the Buyer Experience. Where and how in your pre-and post sales Buying Experience.... - Do you differentiate from your competition? - Do you leverage Mutual Actions Plans? - Do you leverage your Internal Team? Whereas it might be harder to significantly differentiatie on your software product you can so by offering a best-in-class buying experience. What are your lessons learned? What are your best practices? On Wednesday 6th December we are going to discuss just that. Definitely you will learn from the tactics of your peers AND we know for sure you will go home with at least 1 tactical insight you can apply tomorrow.

When: Wednesday 6th December, 4pm

Host: Koen Stam, Head of Benelux Personio

Where: Personio office (Van Diemenstraat 206, 1013 CP Amsterdam).

Looking forward to our last session of the year, Brendon, Greg, André and Koen.

Additional details
HostKoen Stam
Event typeMeetup
LocationVan Diemenstraat 206, 1013 CP Amsterdam