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ben jackson

The best and brightest leaders all in one place

“Pavilion is a critical part of our business strategy. The best and brightest leaders in high-growth SaaS, all in one place, willing to share their tips, tricks and most importantly, their time with my team.”


Ben Jackson
VP of Product
WP Engine

Providing resources, guidance, & opportunities

Kristen Jones

Learn from industry experts

“I have learned so much; more than I ever imagined, from being connected to a revenue-minded tribe of professionals in the short time I have. Kudos to all who make this possible!”

Kristen Jones
iControl Data Solutions

stephanie cox

Find your next opportunity

“I’ve been a Pavilion Member for a long time. Pavilion helped get me to the CEO role and now Pavilion is helping ensure I can lead my company in the best way possible.”

Stephanie Cox

mexwell schoenfelder

Reach your 5-year goals

“Pavilion provides the ‘low hum’ learning and development for me to excel in my day to day, in addition to the mentorship and guidance that is helping me define and achieve my goals over the next 5-10 yrs.”

Maxwell Schoenfelder
Sr. Sales Executive

Helping teams build pipeline & improve core skills

“I took advantage of Pavilion for Teams so that my entire Sales org could join classes like Frontline Manager School and Sales School. After just a few months, it’s already helping us build pipeline, improve core skills, and my team is excited to participate and bring back fresh new ideas.”


Chris Feroli
VP of Sales
Dynamic Yield

Stephen Farnsworth headshot

Offering support and direction through professional challenges

Kieran Blay

Become a part of a larger team

“Pavilion acts as my extended team, always super quick to help when I have a question, loving the materials provided, and the membership is worth every penny!”

Kieran Blay
Account Director

Ashley Grech

Connect with thousands of like-minded peers

“The value of a collective of do-ers is pretty incredible. You’re talking about thousands of knowledgeable, action-oriented partners, all on your side. have made some incredible connections and learnings from the community, and expect to draw from it going forward.”

Ashley Grech
Global Head of Sales

Stan Snijders

Get help with everyday challenges

“Pavilion is a very informative and generous network with a well-defined balance between helping you with your daily challenges as well as the next steps in your career.”

Stan Snijders
Managing Director Benelux

Guiding members from companies like

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