CRO School (OnDemand)

Why Every Company is Becoming a Media Company (and How You Can Too)


Facilitate conversations within your organization about building a media operation within your business by expanding your community-led marketing strategies.

Key Topics:

  • Five key tactics to help turn your organization into a media brand

  • The current “return to owned media” state of content marketing, in comparison to past trends

  • Different ways that prospects engage with media, social networks, and content, and related implications for marketing visibility

Core Skills:

  • Nurturing your community through a media lens by delivering more high-value, engaging content

  • Building a content strategy that drives engagement using five key tactics, including prioritizing authenticity

  • Building a content team that can execute an editorial strategy and handle diverse types of content

InstructorAnthony Kennada | LinkedIn - Anthony has more than 10 years of experience leading marketing for SaaS companies. As the CEO and Co-founder of Audience Plus and the author of Category Creation (Wiley, 2019), Anthony is an advocate for the role of brand in B2B marketing. 

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