CMO School (OnDemand)

Understanding Marketing Means Understanding Sales


Articulate the role of the CMO from the perspective of both marketing and executive leadership to broaden your view of the CMO’s role as a strategic leader, both inside and outside of your organization. 

Key Topics:

  • CMO roles and responsibilities, including marketing and executive leadership functions

  • Key strategies, habits, and behaviors that help CMOs be successful from the start

  • How to engage with your network as a marketing leader

Core Skills:

  • Leading your organization’s marketing efforts using a personal leadership philosophy

  • Collaborating with the executive team to implement your organization’s marketing strategy

  • Creating an effective support system with hiring and team-building strategies

InstructorAndrea Kayal LinkedIn - Andrea brings over 15 years of marketing, sales, and operations experience at B2B SaaS companies. Her CMO experience includes marketing, business development, sales development, and partnerships, and she has also overseen business operations as a CCO.

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