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The Art of Fundraising Through IPO


Align your marketing leadership with your organization’s brand story. Make an impact on fundraising efforts by linking marketing to your company’s story at each stage of funding.  

Key Topics:

  • The different business priorities that influence each stage of funding from seed to IPO

  • How a marketing and brand story perspective influences your organization’s funding at each stage

Core Skills:

  • Creating a successful pitch deck or improve your existing pitch deck

  • Communicating and selling your company story to different stakeholders, including your team, other C-suite executives, potential investors, and customers

  • Identifying the messaging, team-building, and growth priorities within each stage of fundraising, from seed to IPO

InstructorKyle Lacy | LinkedIn - Kyle is a B2B SaaS marketing leader and consultant with extensive experience with growth marketing and customer marketing. For more than eight years, he has been a frequent speaker at marketing and technology industry events on topics including: content marketing, collaborative consumption, consumer behavior, email marketing, technology trends, digital marketing strategy, demand generation, B2B marketing and social media management. 

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